Electronic  Twisted Tenderness
Bernard Sumner   Johnny Marr
Electronic01:01:5201Make it happen02Haze03Vivid04Breakdown
05Can't find my way home06Twisted Tenderness07Like no
08Late at night09Prodical Son10When she's gone11Flicker.
Electronic are still a band not many people really know about. Yet it's a band everyone likes. So how come so many people seem to have let them slip by? One reason could be because when they hear the voice of Bernard Sumner they think they are listening to New Order. This of course is unfair to Electronic.

have now been going since 1989, with the occasional inclusion of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. But the pairing of Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr is what might get most eye brows raised. One the singer of Dance Pop band New Order. The other a guitarist from pop rock band The Smiths. The idea of these two pairing up may have people thinking the end results would be less than worth hearing, let alone buying. You would be miles off the mark. And this album proves the point. This is the groups third offering, and I think the best. This album is conbination of both musical influences that these two bring to the group. Such is the brilliance of the sound that you don't even know that is what is happeneing. Twisted Tenderness is a huge album. When a great film is missed yet it deserved more attention than it got, it ends up becoming a cult film, that everyone pretends they have always liked or known about. It then becomes popular, and everyone thinks it was always a sucess. Well this could turn out to be the case with this album. This band is under rated, and under played. Electronic have since 1989 been making the albums we have all been crying out for. The albums everyone else stopped making and we all moaned about it. Only they have been doing it better.
So what makes Twisted Tenderness so good? Well it's sound. Would make sense being a music album you would say, well yeah but like I said before this is a combination of two influences. Let me explain what I mean. Take track one "Make it Happen", you will be unsure if you have just heard a dance track or a rock track. And that is not the only track on the album that get's you thinking. But it's not something you wonder while you are listening to it. Why? Because it works. This is not some experiment. This is not some cross over to be trendy. This is two top musicians in top form. There are of course straight rock tracks on here as well. But they hit you for six just as much. This album is fast, and in your face without being cliche or old hat. All the tracks are catchy without loosing any originality. The sound is fresh and leaves you wanting more. In a time when music seems to be loosing itself in a world of plastic manufactured pop, where no one even writes their own songs anymore let alone play an instrument, this album also gives you comfort that out there, there is still someone who is making the music we are all crying out for. Music we all crave is still out there, it's just not getting the air time because of all the make believe pop. But with the likes of Sumner and Marr still up for making fresh new exciting music, there is hope. Just don't let it pass you by.

Twisted Tenderness should be in everyone's collection. I can't imagine anyone not liking any off this. Right from the moment you are hit by "Make it Happen" through to "Haze". The more mellow "Can't find my way home", the most electronic sounding title track. The more futuristic "Prodical Son". The excellent ""Late at Night". We have been crying out for an album like this, well here it is. You all missed the past two albums, well don't starve yourself again.

Put it this way, when you hear the new New Order album, just keep it in mind it has the same feel about it. Which one came first, yet it will be the New Order album that get's the press and recognition.