from the choirgirl hotel

Black-Dove (January)
Raspberry Swirl
Jackie's Strength
i i e e e
Liquid Diamonds
She's Your Cocaine
Northern Lad
Playboy Mommy
Pandora's Aquarium
Certain albums come out at certain times, and sometimes their timing can either effect the way music is either made, sold or listened to after it's release. Usually it's an album that breaks the rules of the time. Usually the music scene is crying out for someone to grab it by the reigns and pull it into the next phase.
But what if these albums are missed?
In the past 7 odd years there have been plenty of these albums, but mainly they have been missed. Mainly because they are not played, shown, or promoted. We are told they are unfashionable, therefore we are told we wouldn't like then, or that the artist has lost the plot and they should go back to making commercial music.
Tori Amos is a good example of this. If you were asked to name one of her tracks which one would it be? I would guess it would be the dance remix of Professional Widow. Maybe a track from her first album Little Earthquakes. Oh and what was that one about a Cornflake. Yet not many people would argue against her being one of the best female artists, dispite the fact that not many people know much about her.
Tori Amos has never really fitted into what you could call mainstream music, and never really tried to. The music she makes is all about her identity, her personal feelings and how she see the world. As a result the songs she writes and music she makes has always been classed as just a bit too different to be a regular on our radio's or TV. And as a result we are all being kept from one of the most amazing artists in music. You are proberly under the impression that she is not really your thing, is that because you have been told that or because you have heard the odd song of her's and thought it to odd? Prehaps I am wrong and there are loads of people out there already well a customed to her already.
"from the choirgirl hotel" is the album that should have made Tori Amos the biggest female name in music. Instead we have Brittany at the helm. This album is one of the most amazing sounding albums I have heard. Every track seems to be an experiment of some sort, and every time is seems to work. As you would expect from a Tori Amos album it is mainly Piano based, but she uses it as only Tori can, bringing out all the emotion that each track is meant to give us. The album also confirms her as a front runner for one of the best female vocalists around today. Her performance on this album is very strong and refreshing in an era when female singers are all very cliche at the moment.   She has a voice that is soothing yet at the same time makes you feel exactly what the song is about.
The highlights of the album are "Spark", "Jackie's Strength", "Northern Lad" and "Raspberry Swirl"
The sound of the album as a whole is very powerful and if you are looking for a pop album this is not it. This is an album that gives you something different. It should have been huge. This should have been a very important album. The tracks jump about from Tori's usual piano strong solo's to tracks that include more electronic backgrounds. The Lyrics are wonderful and sung beautifully. This is maybe not the sort of album you would put on to have as background music or to get ready to on a friday night. This is the sort of album you put on when you want to really let music take you away, the sort of music you want to put on when you are feel like really hearing music.
I would honestly be amazed if there was not one track on this album that didn't appeal to everyone. And if the power of Tori's voice did not hit you then the music police have won and finally rid you of all musical sense. This is an awesome album and one that should have set a standard for the future. Instead it's just another one lost........but there is still time.