8th May Premiership Decider 2002
Manchester United  0 V 1  Arsenal
All ready for the kick off, only Dave missing (working, I ask you). Premiership Trophy in the background with the strict rule that no one could touch it until it had been won. Would it still have to be sat there through the rest of the week until the Everton Game?
During the FA Cup Final Arsenal scored twice while Liam was holding Matthew. Dispite everything going well, after 30 mins I ordered Liam to hold Matthew again.
Let all those nerves out. Wiltord has just scored and all of a sudden we are 30 mins from The Double in Manchester United's own back yard.
...........and all of the stress built up over the last 3 odd months comes out. I think you could say I'm happy. Can I see out the last 30 mins of the season without bursting a blood vesel?
The Final Whistle
It's been a long wait but Arsenal are Champions again.
The Party can begin.
The Ginge and Furterz get to grips with The Premiership Trophy
And for Valitelli (QPR fan) a rare chance to just get near it
Furterz, Nick and The Ginge
And the beer is starting to take effect
One for the Ladies ????????????
Now time for the lap of honour round the neighbourhood, including some loud singing.
And can anyone tell me who the hell is holding the Carling can to the right of Liam ? Spooky.
Nothing like waking the neighbours after you have just won the League in Manchester
So we did to a few shouts of "Shut the f*** up".
Dispite Liam thinking he is good enough, he didn't really play enough games this season to qualify for a Champions medal
It's been a long season, and in the end it just takes it right out of you.
Matthew sits back and relaxes with The Premiership Trophy.
I had to wait years to see my first Championship. Matthew see's it all within his first month.
Dave finally turns and joins in the party.
Dave had earlier rung me up during the game after hearing news that we were a goal up, but said he didn't want to know what was going on because he was taping the game. Dave one question. Did you really think you would be able to join us after work and not find out what had happened ?????