4th May The FA Cup Final 2002
Arsenal   2  v  0   Chelsea
It's May 2001
The usual suspects have all gathered round Dave's for The FA Cup Final.
The game: Arsenal v Liverpool.

Arsenal totally dominated the game and were 1-0 up until the last 5 minutes when The Scousers totally robbed us of the trophy to win 2-1. Possibly one of the bitterest pills to take in recent Arsenal History. And some of us took it worse than the others. As you can see from this picture,
Dave took it even worse than me.

Dave had been warned that this was to be his last chance to host a Cup Final Party after we had already lost The Premiership on the last day of the season in 1999, The UEFA Cup Final in 2000 and last season's FA Cup Final while watching at his house. All fingers were crossed that we would not have to go through the pain of loosing again and have to see Dave end up like this again a few hours after the final whistle.
And so to 2002....................
2 hours to kick off. The full English has been devoured, and red stripe has been added. It's Cup Final Day 2002
I'm either pumped up ready for the Cup Final or breakfast was just a bit to big.
The Williams Bros are ready.
It's off down the road to Dave's
(top row) Iain Cameron, Liam Williams
(botton row) The Ginge, Holly the Dog, Bottle of Stella, Matthew Cameron & Dave Cameron.
Due to us all getting a little nervous and stressed during the game, no pictures were taken when the goals went in. But camera's were at the ready again as Tony and Paddy lift the FA Cup to end 4 barron years of being Runners Up in everything.
Dave's Venue is safe and the jinx has been beat.
The first leg of The Double is complete.
Unlike this time last year it's time tol celebrate.
Arsene Wenger even finds time to pop in.
BOG CAM 2002
BOG CAM 2001
Matthew (complete with Arsenal bib) and Dad
It didn't take us long to run out of Bubby,
so Liam stocks up.
Sorry Brian, everyone has to have The Red Stripe
Liam and Iain sit back to take it all in.
But what the hell does this Chelsea fan have to be happy about?
Celebrating in the sun.
Could you guess who had won the Cup?
Paul what are you so happy about?