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Lesson Three: Ball Control
Hey there soccer fans it Soccer School time again with yours truly Dave Luca. Firstly I would like to say sorry for not bring you a new lesson last week. Only I was called to the FA about the England Managers job. But I told them straight up "hey I have a soccer school to run guys.....". So here I am with lesson three and this week we will be working on ball control....so let's go for it.
Trapping The Ball:
This I suppose is your most basic of all ball control skills. If mastered you will have the ball at your control and will be able to choose your next move a step ahead of your marker. The main idea of this one is killing the ball dead as it is passed to you. The main thing you have to remember for this one is keep your eye on the ball as it is coming towards you. As it get's to your feet bend the knee on the leg that you will be using to trap the ball, and let the ball hit the inside of your foot. But right at the last minute look up to see a huge hungover defender come running towards you showing all 12 studs, panic and kick the ball against him, thus allowing him to go past you with the ball.
Passing The Ball:
So what do you do with the ball once you have controlled it. Well that brings us to passing. There are many different passing techniques, the through ball, pass to feet, the cross. But the one that I think must be mastered before any others is The Over Hit Ball. Until you can do this to a tee then you can forget about doing the others. The over hit ball is a very difficult one to pull off. If done correctly then the player you are passing to will be fooled into chasing it. The illusion that this pass gives, makes it look like the ball is going slower than it really is. Best time to play this ball is in the last 3rd of the pitch, that way there is no enough room for anyone to run onto it.....always a winner.
Running With The Ball:
Looks easier than it really is. Keeping close control of the ball while running with it takes hours of practise. This skill is best used on the counter attack, unless you are Ryan Giggs in which case you can do it when you like (welsh git). Every player seems to have his own was of doing this one. Some players go for pace and some go for dribbling. I find the most effective one is the hit and run. Use the same method used in the Trapping The Ball and then slightly over hit the ball in front of you. You should find that you will only just be able to run onto it if you run at full pace. Once you have caught up with the ball hit it even further in front of you. Carry on doing this until you have totally lost control of the ball and it is easy for any defender to win the ball off of you.......
Passing The Ball Part Two:
Once you have mastered the above it may be time to try another passing technique. The 60 yarder. This ball if done correctly will switch the play and flat foot the other team in a second. This ball is best used in your own half of the pitch. The idea is that you switch the play from one side to the other in one pass. My technique for this one is simple. When you have the ball at your feet and you have a bit of space look up and see if there is anyone on the other side of the pitch who would be through if you were to hit a 60 yarder over the top of the defence for them to run onto. With that look down at the ball and hit it. You should find that the ball if done correctly will end up nowhere near the player you were aiming for and their central defender will sweep up with no problem.
Well soccer fans time runs out once again. I hope I have given you a few things to practise over the next week. We are now three lessons into this school and you are all starting to look great. So until next week, and remember if I aint taught you it, it aint worth knowing...........ta da.