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Lesson Two: Shooting
Hi there soccer fans, and welcome back to my soccer school. I hope you have all been
practising the last lesson. Although I hear that not everyone listened to what I had to say. If ever that was a lesson to everyone then that was it. The Ginge will have nightmare's for years now. So I would just like to say that these pages are here to help and ignoring them will only cause heartbreak.........

With that all out the way let's get going on the next lesson, so get your boots on and let's play.................

The SnapShot:
Let's start with the most used shot in football. Some would say the opportunists shot. These are the ones where you have a dig when there is not much on. If you want to get the most out of this shot I suggest you try this....As the ball comes down to you, pull that leg back and keep your eye on the ball. Just as you make contact I find taking my eye off the ball and spooning it always helps. That was the keeper has no idea where the ball is going. Well let's face it your body language will be saying one thing and your shot will be saying something else.
Success rate 5%.

The Driver:
If done correctly this will fly into the net. This one is usually done round the edge of the box and hit into the corners. The best times to try these are when you are running with the ball towards the area. Now these can be easy if you follow the following. While running with the ball towards the goal dicide where you are going to shoot. As you reach the edge of the area look up and aim. There will more than likely be confronted with a big hungover defender. Keep your eye on the defender and not the ball. Hit the shot. Practise until the ball no longer goes out for a throw.
Success Rate 7%

The Passing Shot:
A very skillful finish this one, but in a way not very different to the last one. Again mostly used when running with the ball, but most effective when the ball is crossed to you. When the winger is about to cross the ball, start your run. As you are running in make a mental note of where the goal is and where the keeper is. The idea behind this is so you can pass the ball past him and wrong foot him. As the ball is coming in go to meet it. As you make contact with the ball forget where you saw the keeper and the goal and hammer the ball into row Z.
Success Rate 8%

The Dummy:
My fav out of this section and one that I try to use as much as I can. I would also say the most simple to pull off. Now this one is usually used when you are clean through with a one on one with the keeper. As you are running towards the keeper pick a corner where you want the ball to end up. Now in order to dummy the keeper you must send him the other way. How is this done, well as you are running towards him, go to hit a shot, totally miss the ball. This will send the keeper down. Once you have realised you still have the ball at your feet and have not actually shot, go round the bewildered keeper and shoot the ball into the opposite corner of the goal that you had first picked.
Success Rate 75%
Well time has caught up with us once more. I know the above will help your shooting skills. Remember practise makes perfect. Follow the above lessons and you will be rubbing shoulders with Micheal Owen in no time.  I don't promise over night success but I do speak a lot of sense and you would be silly not to take notice.................Until the next lessson HAPPY SCORING.

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