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Snow Patrol at Carling Academy, Brixton 29th Nov 2004

Young Furterz and myself joined a sell out crowd at the Carling Academy in Brixton to see what must have been one of the best live gigs of the year. Totally unaware of who the support acts were, we were treated to two excellent bands to more than get us in the mood for the main event.

The Perishers of Sweden and The Ghears of Scotland both performed the kind of sets that you would be more than happy to have paid to see on their own. The Perishers proved that the best music at the moment might just be coming out of Sweden. It would be a scandal if they never made it over here. I have no idea how big they are in their home country but they played a set that sounded more mature than most bands who are on their 4th or 5th albums over here. A blend of melodramatic ballads supported with guitar solos and more uplifting feel good bitter suite tracks. Lately the support acts I have seen have not been up to much unless it's been a big billing, but The Perishers were great entertainment. The Ghears reminded me of a kind of mix between The Pixes and Skunk Anansie. Very very loud and very very awsome. They did just have one thing going for them, and it wasn't the nicest physco on the planet singing. It was the fact that most of their tracks just seemed to stop without any real ending. But that said they too were very enjoyable and certainly got the ears listening for what would be an equally loud Snow Patrol set.

Snow Patrol themselves rocked the stage the second they got on there. Hammering out all the top tracks from the awesome Final Straw album. They did play a few older tracks from the lesser known 2nd album which did act more like new tracks to most of the audience, myself included. But these tracks were more than worthy additions. Each huge track was greated by one of the most enthusiastic crowds I have ever been in at a gig. This audience truly loved Snow Patrol much to the slight embarrassment of the band who are still clearly touched by the support they are now rightfully getting. It's also so good to see a band perform and you just know they are loving every second of it. They must have played these tracks hundreds of times, but still you could tell they were so into it and still excited by it all. With the whole thing finishing just short of 11pm, it was back out into the cold but with our ears truly ringing. One of the best all round gigs I have been too. Snow Patrol are rapidly becoming one of the big players. Some of the pictures are a little blurred, mainly due to the fact that I was stood behind the tallest woman on the planet and not even the famous sloping floor could get me high enough to get a good picture. So some were taken with the camera held up above my head, hence the blurring, but I think you will find some rather good one in there too.

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Snow Patrol

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