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Monster Music Awards 2004
The Best Single Award
Kasabian - L.S.F    Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out    Marillion - You're Gone    Snow Patrol - Spitting Games    Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall    U2 - Vertigo    The Walkman - The Rat
Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out
Kasabian - L.S.F
Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out
Marillion - You're Gone
Snow Patrol - Spitting Games
Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall
U2 - Vertigo
The Walkman - The Rat

This could have honestly been any of the above. But after naming two winners in each of the last two years, I felt I had to put my neck out and pick only one this year. It's always hard to judge the best single. I don't buy singles anymore, so as a rule I will only ever put on analbum to hear it all rather than just the singles from it. So it was a case of seeing which one stood out in the final short list. The trouble again was, they all did. For one reason or another each track fed a mood I could be in at any given time when the other might not be able to. So in the end the winner simply went for a deciding factor that finally told me which one I possibly enjoyed more than any other. Which one I turned up louder than any other each time I listened to it. There job done. Graham Coxon wins. And in the end I am quite happy with my final decision although at the same time feeling slightly disloyal to all the other which I love hearing just as much. But they can't all win. And like I say, this year I had to be brave and chose just one winner. Like the Best Album award, I get the feeling that the winner of this award is largely unheard too. Yet it was released twice in the last 12 months and did very well both times. This is Punk Pop. This is fast, loud and just awesome to listen to. Great if your in a bad mood, a great mood or just need waking up. The guitar rifts are just to die for. So simple you will be sure you have heard them somewhere before. If this was the reason Graham Coxon left Blur, to make this kind of awesome music, it was so completely the right decision. Freakin' Out is brilliant. I am sure I have driven my Neighbour mad with it, turning it up on MTV2 everytime I have seen it. You simply can't listen to it softly. And why the hell would you want to. Make sure you have a copy. No better still buy the whole album. You will so thank me for it.

So what can be said about the rest, as I have said, they could have all won. Maybe had I been in a different mood, one of the other may well have won it. Kasabian released the kind of single I love, directly in your face from the off and never backs down. Sounds great on the radio and makes everything on after it sound bland and dull. Full of guts and just sounds great. Marillion had a great year with three singles, two of which made it to the top ten. Unheard of these days. You're Gone is as good as any single brought out this year. Slightly away from the sound of the rest of the album, but clearly a single that would have got to number one had it been by any other band. Another great sounding on Radio (just not Radio One...they prefer real music like McFly). Snow Patrol brought out three excellent singles from the album Final straw this year, but Spitting Games was the stand out single. Most would say "Run", as would I, but where "Run" may have been the better track, it wasn't the better single. As a one off statement, as all singles are, Spitting Games stands out better. And just goes to show why Snow Patrol have become one of the better bands around in the last 12 months. Dizzee Rascal carried on where he left off with his first album. Stand Up Tall was the best single from his album Showtime. And proved why Dizzee is a genius. He continues to be original and fresh with his ideas. Whether he is your cup of tea or not, you have to acknoledge that. U2 returned with the kind of single only they can come up with. Vertigo was another of their fast, hard hitting, blow you away tracks. Almost ruined by the ipod advert but the full length version was more than enough to take your mind off that. U2 are U2 and this is the kind of track you love them for. As was their new album. Some may be wondering where it is on these pages, well it's a good album, it's the kind of U2 album we all love...but it's nothing new. Enjoy it, I do, but never think of it as something more than it is. That leaves us with The Walkman. From the second The Rat starts it's moving at a million miles an hour. And this is the single that possibly got closer than any other to taking this title in my final thoughts. The Rat is simply awesome to listen to. The sheer energy of it makes you wonder how the track started in the first place, you never remember a slow start or a build up, that is because there isn't one. It just grabs you as it runs past you and take you along for the ride. And then when it finally reaches the end it joins you in putting it hands on it's kness gasping for air. If you are yet to hear this track, make a point of trying to get hokd of it, or trying to hear a copy. You will not be let down.