Session Winter 2003
December 29th 2003
Group A

Group B

Gooner Dave
The Millennium Venue, HQ for TheGinge.Com, played host to a session that threw up one too many surprises. The form book was thrown totally out of the window as the Winter Session brought the 2003 sessions to a close. There is only one golden rule for these sessions....."as long as Dave doesn't win". For a massive 13 years, this rule has been kept. But last night the Session was thrown into disarray as Dave finally overcame his demons and who his first ever session. Dave's dramatic win left a dark cloud over the Session and a sick feeling in the stomach that was on a par with watching ManUre win the Champions League in 1999. Over the years dave has tried everything to get his hands on the famous trophy, from match fixing to meaningless seedings. Always to no avail. But on 29th Dec 2003, Dave survived attack after attack from Holder Matt in the Final to win 2-1. Matt will never be forgiven for missing an open goal with the last kick of the game that would have taken the game into extra time at least.

Dave's win wasn't the only surprise of the Session. Possibly the biggest was the total fall from grace by The Ginge who failed to win a single game in his worst ever performance. Finishing bottom of his group with only one point and only scoring two goals, both of which came in his last game of the group. From 3 consecutive finals to this hurt. His Dreamteam partner also suddenly fell apart, surrendering in the semi final to Matt in a manner never seen before. Jon came from nowhere to claim a Semi Final spot and almost knocking eventual winner Dave out on the away goals rule. Debutant Scissors also nearly pulled off a surprise runners up spot in his group but eventually going out to a cruel last minute goal against Daz. Gooner Dave, another debutant was kind enough to make sure The Ginge wasn't the worst player on the night by losing all his games. Will also rouned off an evening of surprises, the evenings third debutant, by going into his last two games with a chance of winning the group. Matt continued his run of form in 2003 by reaching the final for a third sucsessive time, before becoming the first ever player to lose to Dave in a final.

All in all, it was a night the bookies would never have got right. And it pains me to have to report on such a historic evening. I even have to put a picture on here of Dave with the trophy for god sake.
The Ginge is now wishing to host the ultimate session in the Spring with every player who has ever taken part to take part in the monster of all get practising.

Results and pictures below.......................
The picture we never thought we would see
Look at that concentration
Group A
Matt 1 v 0 Steve
Ginge 0 v 3 Jon
Steve 0 v 0 Ginge
Jon 0 v 0 Matt
Jon 0 v 0 Steve
Ginge 0 v 1 Matt
Steve 3 v 2 Ginge
Jon 1 v 4 Matt
Group B
Scissors 1 v 0 Will
Daz 2 v 1 Gooner Dave
Dave 1 v 0 Scissors
Gooner Dave 0 v 1 Will
Scissors 0 v 1 Daz
Will 0 v 3 Dave
Gooner Dave 0 v 1 Scissors
Daz 1 v 0 Will
Dave 3 v 0 Gooner Dave
Dave 1 v 1 Daz
The Williams Bros OUT
My worst performance ever...and suddenly there is a feeling it's going to be one of those nights.
Scissors looks gutted, so near yet so far.
Final Table
               P   W   D   L   F   A   PTS
Matt        4    3    1    0   6    1    10
Jon         4     1    2    1   4    4      5
Steve      4     1    2    1   3    3      5
Ginge     4     0    1     3   2    7      1

Jon went through after beating Steve 5-4 on pens after a 0-0 2nd place play off.
Final Table
                                P   W   D   L   F   A   PTS
Dave                        4     3    1   0   8    1    10
Daz                          4     3    1   0   5    2    10
Scissors                   4      2    0   2   2    2     6
Will                         4     1     0   3   1    5     3
Gooner Dave           4      0    0   4    1    7     0
Semi Finals
(1st leg) Daz 0 v 3 Matt   (2nd leg) Matt 1 v 0 Daz
(1st leg) Dave 1 v 1 Jon   (2nd leg) Jon 0 v 1 Dave
After breezing through to the Semi Finals, it was odds on Daz was going back to the final. But right before our eyes, Matt took him to the cleaners. Something was witout doubt in the air, nothing was going to form anymore.
Now, the second Dave gets anywhere near the Semi Final's he falls apart. We hear how he knows he is going to lose, how he doesn't care and how he's used to it. But as these photos show, that's just plan and simple bollocks. Picture on the left shows the crunched up feet and the lean forward complete with tongue out. The picture on the right was taken with Dave one half away from going out. Not stressed at all is he. Daz tries to calm him down. Dave went on to get the goal he needed, still claiming he wasn't going to win.
Matt 1  v  2  Dave
Dave doesn't want this win at all does he. It's an intense Dave holding on to his lead as Matt tries to cling onto his title. If only Matt had an open goal to aim at, say in the last minute...........................
And there we have it, Winter Session 2003. History is made, Dave wins his first ever title in the Sessions 13 year history, and yes he has been there since the start. Dave must have spent many a night dreaming about the day he finally won the trophy. How he would go mad, how he would rub it in, how he would savour the moment.
But whatever Dave had dreamt he would do, he chose to celebrate his famous win by.....standing up and Mincing.

So Dave is now the holder. I suggest another Session as quick as possible. Let's get this sorry episode out the way as quick as possible.