Dan v Darren
Ashley v Andy
1st Leg        Dan   3 v 1   Darren
2nd Leg      Darren   3 v 0   Dan
Agg Score  Dan   3 v 4   Darren
Darren came into this semi final with the only 100% record in the session. So far only Ashley had scored against him. The joint favourite was in hot form. Dan had come through a tight group winning his last game against Neil to finally claim his place in this game. Dan had finally found his scoring boots coming into this game. But would it be enough to stop the Dream Team member reaching yet another final?

The game started with Darren going for his usual attacking game in a bid to kill this tie of quickly to avoid any kind of upset. But he was soon shocked when Dan broke away almost against the run of play to take the lead. Dan's new found scoring boots were treatening to cause the upset Darren was worried about. His worries were further backed up when Dan raced into a 2-0 lead. Dan was now on form and had Darren on the back foot. Dan even furthered his lead. Darren was now 3-0 and in trouble. Darren continued his attacking style in a bid to pull something back. He did and the game ended 3-1. Darren's away goal now changed the outlook of this game. He now only needed to win by 2-0 in the next leg to get through. But Dan was now scoring for fun.

The second game kicked off much like the first, but Darren was this time going for the kill with a display of total attack. And it was not long before he got the early goal he wanted. Dan was not getting the chance to attack as much as he would like and Darren was piling on the pressure. Darren only needed one more goal to go through providing he did not conceed. Could Dan hold on. Unfortunatly for him he couldn't. Darren got his second goal and Dan had no reply. BUt with the chance of a breakaway goal Darren continued to attack in a bid to get a third. And he soon got it. Dan was now finished. Darren had just not given him a chance in the second game.
The final score was 3-0 giving Darren a 4-3 agg win. One half of The Dream Team had made it, would he be joined by his team mate in the final.
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1st Leg          Ashley    1 v 2    Andy
2nd Leg        Andy    1 v 2    Ashley
Agg Score    Ashley    3 v 3    Andy
Replay         Andy    3 v 0    Ashley
The second semi final threw together a very interesting fixture.
This was to be Master v Prodical Son, The Guv v The Gimp, The Ginge v Furterz.
Ashley had come into the tie having scraped through his group by one goal at the exspence of Dave. Andy had come through as winner of his group and was scoring for fun. But could the Young Pretender over turn the seasoned pro?

The game got under way with both players not wanting to give anything away. The game was building into a midfield battle until Andy took the lead early on to make it 1-0. The game then changed with Andy going further in front to make it 2-0. This was starting to look like it might be an easy win, but Ashley then started to hit back. The second half proving to be a much different game with Ashley pulling a goal back with in mintues of the restart. The game was now poised at 2-1. But that is how it stayed until the final whistle.

The second leg started in the same way the first did, with neither player wanting to slip but. But yet again Andy took the lead creating a two goal gap again. Would this be enough this time. Ashley then took over the game and was all but camped out in Andy's half. Ahsley pulled the needed two goals back within the first half and was on top. Was this going to be a shcok win? With the scores level on 3-3 on agg both players then held back both knowing that the next goal would win it for either of them. And so the game stayed as it was. The final bit of drama from the game came when Andy had the free scoring Sanchez sent off. This meant that he would be missing for the final and a replay if there were no more goals. And sure enough there were not.

For the first time in Session history we had to have a semi final replay. Andy had held on for almost the entire game to keep Ashley out and force a replay. With Sanchez missing would he had the fire power in the replay. Well if the 2nd leg had been all about Ashley's attack ing dominance, the replay was all about Andy's. From the off there was only going to be one winner. Andy was 2-0 withing minutes of the start and this time there was not going to be a come back. Ashley was finished. The seasoned Pro had weathered the storm and was on his way. The final score was 3-0 and Andy was to meet his Dream Team Partner in the final just as both players had promised.
The Bookies had been spot on. Ashley had shown courage but it was not enough. The Ginge was through in the closest semi final ever.
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