The Story of Group B

Matt Perry,  Neil Davidson,  Andy Williams,  Steve Berry, 
Tim Willis,  Dan Sawyer
DAN - 1
ANDY - 1

NEIL - 1

TIM - 3
MATT - 0

ANDY - 5

NEIL - 2
MATT - 2

DAN - 1
TIM - 0

ANDY - 4
MATT - 1

NEIL - 1
TIM - 2

MATT - 1
DAN - 0

TIM - 5

ANDY - 0
NEIL - 1

DAN - 1

TIM - 1
ANDY - 4

MATT - 4

DAN - 5
NEIL - 1

                         P   W    D    L    F     A   PTS
ANDY           5   3   1   1   14   4   10 
DAN             5   3   1   1     7   3   10
TIM              5   3   0   2   11   6     9
MATT          5   2   1    2    8  12    7
NEIL            5   1   2    2    6  10    5 
STEVE         5   0   1    4    4  16    1
If the drama of Group A was anything to go by, Group B had a lot to live up to.
Group B was on paper the grop of death, and it lived up to it's billing with an exciting climax.

The group kicked off with joint fav Andy playing away to Dan. There had been a lot of promises from Dan before the start and now was his chance to put his actions into words. And it did not take him long and he was 1-0 up within a few minutes. Andy did not take long to get into his usual game of free flowing football and through balls but was not able to turn them into goals. Dan even missed a penalty which would have killed the game. But it was not until the final minute before Andy got the goal back. Dan left to wonder how 3 points had gone. But there is no replacement for experience and Andy kept going to the final minute.

With so many promised big games in Group B, the next fixture threw up another straight away. Steve v Neil again failed to find a winner showing just how close this group was going to be. 1-1 again was the score. Dispite being rather the worse for drink Steve managed to hold on as Neil attacked him for almost 90 mins. Maybe Neil would have won had he had more time to get used to the game. For Steve worse was to come.

In the third game, the Group was given it's biggest game to date. Tim v Matt. Leading up to The Session Matt had publically spoken about hammering Tim. His comments only seemed to fuel the efforts of Tim, who himself had penciled this game in as his biggest. Both wanted 3 points and pride was at stake. And we had our first winner in the group. But as with most things Matt could not back up his mouth with the bite. Tim strolled to a comfy 3-0 win. Tim becoming the early leader.

With everyone now having played a game and only Matt so far failing to get off the mark, the second round of games got under way. Andy v Steve was next up. Steve now having consumed rather more beer and food was starting to see anything but the screen. But he was convinced that it would not effect his game. And amazingly he stuck to his comments after the game in which he lost 5-0. Never worrying Andy the entire game, it was boys against men with some clinical finishing from Andy.

Neil v Matt was next up. Matt looking for his first points of the evening. Clearly pumped up after loosing to Tim, Matt stormed into a 2-0 lead. But Neil proved he was made of stronger stuff and pulled a goal back. Matt was now on the back foot and holding on. But Neil again showed that he was going to be hard to beat and finally got the final goal back 2-2 the final out come.

Dan v Tim followed. Tim fresh from beating Matt with ease looked confident. Dan still wondering how he had not held on against Andy wanted 3 points. The old mates battled it out in what was a close game. Dan again taking an early lead. But this time he held on for the 1-0 win. Dan showing that he was also going to be hard to beat. Tim who was looking for a maximum start now had to go back to the drawing board.

The inform Andy was next up against Matt. Yet another game in which Matt had promised to thrash his opponent. Would words be louder than action again for Matt? Yes. Andy continuing his free scoring to deverstating effect. By half time the score was 4-0 and the game was over. Andy sat back in the second half with the job done. Matt pulled one back but he had been well beaten. Andy was now scoring for fun.

After his first two games Neil had shown he was not going to be an easy opponent for anyone. Still unbeaten he next took on Tim. And again we had another close game. Tim this time proving to be just to strong for Neil. 2-1 the final out come. The result leaving Tim with a much needed 3 points and leaving Neil needing a win to now keep up with the pack.

Matt was next up against dan. Matt coming off the back of another beating was looking for a late surge up the table. But with the group so tight he was in for a hard game against joint to Dan, who was also looking for the 3 points that would all but take him through. Dan still trying to find his scoring boots missed chance after chance. Matt managed to do what was needed and got the victory that might help him have a say in the outcome of the group. He won 1-0.

Tim having watched Dan loose saw the chance to gain some very important points. And as he was up against the very smashed Steve, those points were on the cards. Steve again convinced that he could win and push himself up the table did not start well. Tim took full advantage and come full time Steve was on the end of yet another 5-0 hammering. Steve went off to do the maths but he was out.

The group was now to tight to call, but a win for Andy against Neil would send him through. Andy now in full flow was confident. Neil needed a win to go into his final game with a chance of going through. And after a few minutes it was clear that an upset was on the cards. Andy unable to break Neil down. And once Neil took the lead it was evident that he was not going to let go. Chances came for Andy but no goal came. Neil held on and got his needed win. The exciting finale was set up. Andy was now going to have to pick himself up in a winner takes all game against Tim. Neil was to take his victory also into a winner takes all game against Dan.

Dan had done his part in a 1-0 win over Steve to keep the group tight. Dan frustrated at not giving Steve the hammering everyone else had given him. Steve showing signs of improvement but too little to late. But 3 points are 3 points and it kept Dan's hand in.

With the table showing that anyone of four player could go through in the final two games, the game against Matt and Steve was more a wooden spoon affair. Both player being the only ones not able to go through. Both had given it the mouth before the session and both were going for an early bath. But not before giving us a great game. Steve on the road to recovery played better. And Matt was full of goals. The game ended in a 4-3 win to Matt. Matt restoring his lead usually within seconds of Steve drawing level.

Then we were left with just two games. Tim v Andy and Dan v Neil. Anyone of these 4 players could now make it to the semi finals. Neil needed to beat Dan and rely on Tim winning. Dan would get through no matter what if he won. Tim only needed a point and Andy had to win. Both games were played at the same time. First to score was Dan going ahead early on against Dan. Tim and Andy's game then saw Andy take the lead. And it was not long before both Dan and Andy took firm grips. Andy had again found his scoring boots and was 4-0 up by half time. Tim finished. Dan had also found his goal scoring touch and by the end of the game Neil was on the end of a 5-1 thumping. Tim managed to get one back in the second half but again Andy had done the hard work and sat back.

So the group was decided in a thrilling climax. Andy won the group on goal difference and Dan jumped over Tim to make second spot. The final table and full list of results below.
Who they played as:

Matt - Liverpool
Neil - AC Milan
Andy - Valencia
Steve - Real Madrid
Tim - B Munich
Dan - Leeds