The Story of Group A

Rob Dowd,  Ashley Pettitt,  David Brown,  Jon Marsh,  Darren Pardoe

P   W   D    L    F    A  PTS                 
DARREN        4   4   0   0   9   2   12
ASHLEY         4   2   1   1   6   3     7
DAVE             4   2   1   1   5   3     7   
ROB               4   1   0   3   1   6     3
JON                4   0   0   4   1   8     0
Group A was to open with the game between Rob and Dave. Rob was yet to win a game in his session history, where as Dave was still looking for his first title win in it's 10 year history. So this was seen as an easy start for Dave. Rob after all does hold the record for the biggest defeat, loosing 15-0 in a previous session. But Dave struggled. He did eventually win but only by a single goal to nil. Was this not to be his day again? After being drawn in what looked like the weaker of the two groups failure to get to the semi's at least would be a disaster.

With Darren not turning up until later, fixtures continued. Dave's next game was against Jon. With Jon an unknown force, this game could have been a banana skin, but it seems that Dave had got his game together and won 4-1. But the game will be remembered more for the dirty tactics of Jon. If he was going to get out of this group he was going to do it kicking.

Ashley's first game was against Jon. Ashley being another unknown player this game could have gone either way. Jon again using his bully boy tactics. But again they were to fail and Ashley opened his account with a 1-0 win.

It was now time for the joint favourite to join the group. Darren had now turned up and was playing catch up. His first game was against Jon. And dispite no warm up be was to brush him aside 2-0. Never in any real danger. Hardman Jon not even getting close enough to kick his players. Darren staying on then came up against Rob who was still looking for his first ever win. But another 2-0 meant that after only two games Darren was already eyeing a place in the semi's.

Dave and Ashley were next up. Both seeing that Darren was already top dispite only having been there for 20 minutes, both were looking for points that would lift them into second place. But with the player evenly matched the game ended in a stalemate 0-0. The draw suiting Ashley more with games in hand. For Dave it was starting to look like yet another session without a sniff at the title.

This left the door open for Darren to qualify within an hour of turning up. His next game was to be against Dave. This was billed as the match of the group. Old enemies. Dave needing a win so as not to rely on Ashley slipping up. But the form book didn't go out of the window. Darren won 2-0 again. And went through. Dave now had to sweat it out and wait and see what Ashley would do.

Ashley was to play his last two games back to back. First up was Rob, then he would have to play Darren in his final game. First off Rob was cast aside 3-0. Ashley was never in trouble and Rob was left still looking for his first win. Rob also refusing to blame his lack of wins on his very fluffy hair. Rumours had it that he was going to use it as a put off tactic, but in the end it had the reverse effect and weight to heavy on his head.
Ashley now went into the final game against Darren. The maths had been done and the outcome was complicated. Ashley could even afford to loose providing he only lost by one and scored at least two. Rumours flew that Darren would not be putting 100% into the game in an attempt to knock out his old enemy. With Darren refusing to confirm or deny the rumours Dave was left to sweat it out. The game kicked off and Darren took an early lead. But Ashley soon got one back and a usually vocal Dave was silent. The crowd cheered on Ashley. Dave had to take it. 10 years without a title. Ashley took the lead and the room went mad. Was Darren taking it easy on him? The look on Dave's face thought so. No doubt thinking back to missed chances in his 0-0 with Ashley. But seasoned pro's don't throw games (well not in this session) and Darren pulled two goals back to lead 3-2. As the game went on the crowd double checked the maths. Ashley was still through on goal difference by one goal. Dave trying to put on a smile watched the clock tick down. But Ashley held on and another session had passed Dave by. Darren finished the group top and Ashley came second by only one goal.
Dave you leave with nothing.

But there was to be one more game in Group A.
Rob v Jon. Both without a point and neither wanting to finish bottom. Going on past form this was never going to be a high scoring game and chances were few and far between. The game ending in a historic 1-0 victory for Rob. He had finally got his win, and Jon would now be the Proud owner of the title "the only player ever to have lost a game to Rob".

Group A was decided. The final table and full list of results are below.
Who they played as:

Rob - Lazio
Ashley - Deportivo
Jon - Inter Milan
Darren - Barcelona
Dave - Arsenal
Rob - 0
Dave - 1

Jon - 0
Darren - 2

Dave - 4
Jon - 1

Darren - 2
Rob - 0

Darren - 2
Dave - 0

Ashley - 1
Jon - 0

Dave - 0
Ashley - 0

Rob - 0
Ashley - 3

Ashley - 2
Darren - 3

Jon - 0
Rob - 1