Darren v Andy
They started the eveing as 3/1 joint favourites and here they both were in the final.
Darren and Andy the two players who make up The Dream Team were yet again to fight it out for the title.
Both having come through very close semi finals, both players were confident. As we had seen with so many finals between these two it really was all about on the day form. Usually there is nothing between them.

The crowd gathered to watch the show piece of the whole night.

The two players shook hands and posed with the trophy they were about to fight for. Then it was down to the serious stuff.
The game kicked off, and the final did not take long at all to burst into life. Darren scoring the fastest goal of the evening. Andy was a goal down without really touching the ball. Darren was going to go for all out attack in this game knowing that Andy was without two forward players for this game.
And that is how the game panned out. Darren had all the play and was shooting for fun. Andy just could not get out of his box. He tried in vien to pass the ball about to take the pressure off but Darren was there with a tackle each time. The half some how ended only 1-0 to Darren. Andy had yet to have one shot on goal. This was turning out to be the most one sided final ever.

The two players got the second half underway and it was more of the same. Darren camping out in Andy's half, and there was no let up. The game went on but still Darren could not get that second goal to wrap the game up. Then midway through the second half Andy broke away and with his first shot on goal drew level. 1-1. The crowd and players alike baffled as to how this was the score line. Darrens responce was to carry on attacking. Andy's players now so tired that it was now a case of hitting the ball up field. The game then went into the last minute. The game should have been all over long ago but Darren still had not got the killer second goal. Then from nowhere Andy broke away, the crowd were wondering if this was going to be a robbery. But tired legs meant that the final pass didn't quite get to the player. The game was all square at the final whistle 1-1.
Extra Time continued in the same pattern. But again there were no goals.
A totally baffled Darren shook his head in disbelief at the final whistle having been taken to penalties in a one sided game. The shot on goal ratio had ended at 25 - 2 in Darren's favour.

So to Penalties, it was now suddenly anyones game.
And suddenly a shock was happening. Andy saving both Darren's opening penalties and scoring his to go 2-0 up. The scores then went with the takers, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2. Then it was down to Andy's next penalty. If he scored he would somehow walk off with the title. The pressure was on. But there was no sign as he hammered home the winning penalty.
Andy had somewho won. His amazing display of defending and Darren's off form finishing had decided the tie. This had been a display of guts for Andy. He had with stood a 90 min onslaught and come out the other end holding the trophy. But yet again The Session had proved one thing. There is only one Dream Team. Their monopoly on the game is still there. And bar Steve Buckley it does not look like anyone will break it.
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