Fill Your Boots !!!
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Scissors Speaks

Check this out, I've only gone and been promoted. I've only gone and been given my own page. How mad is that. Of course no one should really be surprised, I am the boy after all. For over a year now I have been giving you all the benefit of my knowledge on world affairs. In fact the only surprise is that it's taken The Ginge so long to see the light and give me such a platform to showcase my wisedom to a broader landscape.

So anyway, here is where it's all going to be happening. I mean you can look elsewhere, try the news websites, but your never going to find a better place to really hear the truth, hear it how it really is. Hard hitting, no nonsense, zero tolerence, I aint holding back anymore. Why should I, no one has tried to sue me yet. Many have tried and failed. Lets face it what case do you have against the hard hitting truth?

A lesson there for us all.



Scissors Speaks topics will appear here as and when he can be arsed to actually say something worth while.