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How the hell do you know me?

Know The Ginge many years before we became good mates in the last few years. I first knew Ginge when we played for football together back in the early 90's for Basingtoke Town FC Youth Team. I was there the day Ginge's football career came to an end (the first time). Great turn of pace ended with The Ginge in a screaming heep on the floor with some muscle torn.
Then came to meet Ginge again through Dodgy Dave Brown and many a good football conversation has been had since.

Due to the current state of affairs, are you having second thoughts about bringing your son up as a Liverpool fan?

Do I regret bringing my son up to follow the "once" mighty Liverpool FC
NO !!!
If in years to come he follows Arsenal then so be it. But as long as he never comes out and follows The Scum United, all will be well in the Willis- Christensen Household.

(Ginge - We look forward to welcoming Young Michael with open arms in the years to come)

Favourie Ginge.Com feature.

No favourite, all highly entertaining pieces.

Chucking up in the privacy of your Hotel Room on your Stag Do must have been bad enough. But do you still hold a grudge over me for for telling everyone after over hearing this event from my room next door?


Do you feel Dave Brown gives you the back up you need during our heated Arsenal/Liverpool debates?

At times I feel alone in my battle of the mails with Ginge, Jon and Daz about Arsenal and Liverpool, when the lack of support and intelligent responses from your team mate Dodgy Dave B. But at the end of the day I always have the comforting feeling that Ginge, Jon and Daz have Matt "The Waterboy & Armchair Fan" Perry on their side and all is well again.

Embarrassing moment when you wished you never knew The Ginge

Has to be my Stag weekend with him in the room nest to me and him telling thw world that I bathed up when I got back to my room at 5am. Ginge was of course tucked up in bed at midnight. I had thought that Ginge would still have been out spreading the word of Le Ginge. How wrong I was.

(Ginge - more slander, I only beat Tim to bed by 30 minutes...honest)

One uninteresting fact about yourself.

Mr Willis refused to answer.

Tim Willis