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How the hell do you know me?

My earliest memory was a glistening red light. As my vision gained further clarity, I could make out the outline of a small redhead, four year old child. The child was embracing a large grey cat, who seemed quite disconcerted by the child's actions. Today, I can only equate this scene to ex-Southampton Manager Gordon Strachan carrying out a heimlich manouver on an escaped Panther. The cat squeeled and ran out of the house, never to be seen again. The small boy grew up to become The Ginge. Felines generally avoid The Ginge to this day, even though he has been witnessed trying to coax them into his house on many a summer evening.

I'm still rather bitter that David Swallow-Field Bypass got more than one round of applause for his rap during The Fringe. Is this sour grapes or do I have a point?

Those people should be ashamed of themselves. That Vicar was racist.

Favourie Ginge.Com feature.

The Armchair Supporter

Just how deliberate was full leathering you gave the ball, full into my face, full into my face, in the last 6-a-side football tournament? 

How deliberate was Roy Keane when he was balancing on top Portuguese Keeper goalkeeper Vitor Baia?
"Roy wouldn't do something like that. It's not in his nature" - Alex Ferguson
(Does he read his own players autobiograhies?)

One uninteresting fact about yourself.

Hi, my name is Nick and I work with Computers.

Embarrassing moment when you wished you never knew The Ginge.

The Ninties - Onwards.

Although I think we already know the answer to this, do you think I would make a fantastic James Bond?

Yes, You'd make a cracking James Bond. How about "Dye Another Day".

Nick Hodder