TheGinge.Com Readers
How the hell do you know me?

God only knows. It was an act of the devil himself, I must have really done something wrong in a previous life that's for sure.
It was a Sesh many years ago, young and fresh faced, I was greeted by a man even more ginger than Chris Evans. The rest is history

Have you ever been mistaken for the more famous Matthew Perry?

Which one? Chandler or the Rugby one? So many times do I get asked that question, are you the Matthew Perry from Friends...of course I am, that is why i am ringing you to arrange house Insurance in Basingstoke. Take a guess fu**wit. I even get asked by people I meet face to face. Are they completely blind? I am much more good looking. It's even got to the point that I have a court injunction out on Jennifer Anniston to stop her stalking me.

Favourie Ginge.Com feature.

Becoming Welsh

Your well known for not ebing able to handle anything stronger than water. Are you tee-total or just a girl? 

It's an urban myth that some desperate people (Donkey Dave) like to try and maintain to stop people noticing their failings. It's a well known hangover prevention cure, a pint of water at the end of a long drinking session prevents hangovers and vomitting, case was proven when by the rest of you spewing carrots all morning while I sat down to a full English.

One uninteresting fact about yourself.

In 14 years I have owned 30 cars.

Embarrassing moment when you wished you never knew The Ginge

Only One?
Tim's Stag Do. Going up the M whatever and The Ginge moons his hairy arse to a carload of lovlies.

(Ginge - I had forgotten about that one...) 

Would you rather I not mention that Dave Brown is your cousin? 

It's nice to have Dave as your cousin. People feel sorry for you, and without him life would be a duller place as he's so easy to wind up.

Matt Perry