TheGinge.Com Readers
How the hell do you know me?

I think you were one of the few Ginger kids at my school 

Did going to school with such a ginger genius set you up for life itself?

Unfortunately not but it did give me a few minutes of Top of the Pops fame.

Favourie Ginge.Com feature.

Your cheesy photo's

Do you still have a recording of us two on Top of the Pops? And should I have kept quiet about that?

Yeah Baby, although my Mum recorded over the Xmas edition with Pinocchio.

One uninteresting fact about yourself.

I think I have turets Syndrome

Embarrassing moment when you wished you never knew The Ginge?

There are probably quite a few but I must have blocked them out of my mind.

Do you regret singing that nasty song about me having Dandruff back when we were in the 2nd year at The Vyne?

Ha Ha - but it was class at the time and I still know the words!!

(Ginge - Heartless)

Leanne Clark