TheGinge.Com Readers
How the hell do you know me?

Through Mr Pardoe.

How do you feel that The Armchair Supporter could well have been inspired by you?

Really? I would never have guessed. You piss taker.
At least I give you some ideas for your site.

Favourie Ginge.Com feature.

Has to be The Armchair Supporter, or the Bargin Basement and Steve McManaman's World Cup Diary. The trouble is TheGinge.Com is so entertaining.

Do you want me to keep it quiet that Matt Perry is your cousin?  

I've always liked watching friends on Channel 4

One uninteresting fact about yourself.

I like Lucozade

Embarrassing moment when you wished you never knew The Ginge

When he put my mugshot on his website after winning The Sesh

Is it too late for you to now consider using Just For Men? Or do you refuse to never say never on this matter? 

Either way I get the pissed ripped. I feel Eau Natrual is the way to go.

Dave Brown