No: 9
Christian Vieri
Yes I'm serious.........

Mr Christian Vieri, let me ask you something, before the '98 World Cup were you really I mean really aware of this player the way you are now? Be honest.
So can I really call a player who scored 5 goals in a world cup over rated. Sure can. Here is my case:
Vieri is one of Italy's most deadly forwards............sorry but this is a huge myth. Christian Vieri has not stayed long enough at any club to even dare declare himself of this title or any of the so called experts. Now yet again I am not claiming that he is not a good forward, you don't score 5 goals in a world cup if you are crap. But for some reason this player has got a reputation of being one of the best in the world. Ok, so why is it that clubs keep selling him? Vieri has been with an amazing 8 teams in 10 years:
Torino                          1990 - 1993
Ravenna                       1993 - 1994
Venezia                        1994 - 1995
Atalanta                       1995 - 1996
Juventus                      1996 - 1997
Athletico Madrid          1997 - 1998
Lazio                            1998 - 1999
Inter Milan                    1999 - ?
Vieri receives his long service award for staying longer than a year at Inter
So why are all these clubs always happy to sell him? It can't be the huge sums of money offered everytime can it? After all the last 4 clubs are teams who have been going for the top European trophies in recent years so it would not make sense to sell such a top player, so maybe the truth is that he just isn't the player everyone thinks he is. And that is the opinion I would go with.
If a player is making headlines somewhere in Europe, we get to hear about it, you don't have to live in Spain to know when Rivaldo has scored. Or to know that Zidane had a great game. This is because great players make waves the world over. What was the last story you heard about Vieri, it was yet another big money move wasn't it. Yes I know he has been injured lately, but like I said before, were you really reading about him before the '98 world cup? Have you really heard about him since?
Yet this player has a reputation for being one of the best in the world. Something I think makes him very over rated. There is no denying that he is a powerful forward, but if you look at his goalscoring record it is hardly breathtaking. Maybe this is down to the fact that he is constantly on the move, but then that just takes us back to asking why he is always moving. Can't be the player demanding a move each time.
The world cup has a habit of making players stars over night, these players have great tournaments and then make big money moves, then they disapear. Vieri is just another in a long line of these players to do so. He is big, he is powerful, he will score goals where ever he goes, but then so was Steve Bull. Doesn't make them world class. And for some reason Vieri is classed as such a player. Possibly because of the big name teams he has played for. But I claim him to be over rated. He is not a forward that will be remembered once he retires yet at the moment when he is mentioned you automatically think of this great goalscorer, how does that work?
Vieri is all reputation, yet it is one he has never really earned. He has been a crowd hero everywhere he goes, but I just wonder how many forget him as quick as cheered him.
For me he is nothing special, and certainly nowhere near worthy of the name he has somehow picked up. So he joins the team and partners Stan Collymore up front. Bet you never thought you would hear that sentence did you.
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