No: 8
Diego Simeone
This one might not be as justified as the rest so far, because I am not sure if people really do rate him as highly as maybe we think. But he is a high profile name, plays for Lazio and would cost any club a lot to buy, so maybe he does fit into the Over Rated XI.

So why is he here? Simeone is seen as a bit of a cultured player in parts of this world. In Italy he is adored by the Lazio fans. The Argentine fans look on him as an important part of their team. Seen as a midfield player who is able to break from the centre with late runs, coming in with his fair share of goals. Well going on his record maybe you can not argue with that part, but does he deserve the praise that goes with that fact. This cultured player tag I feel is very very over the top. Most England fans would even argue that he has never had that tag to start with. Whether this is simply because most of us hate him anyway, or we all simply see through him already who can tell.
But to hear most people in the game talk about him you would think he dictated games. Well I'm not convinced at all.
The player I see everytime I have watched him is nothing more than a hatchet man who kicks his way into games. The games I have seen him in, there always seems to be trouble and it's usually started with him. Either winding players up into doing something or coming in with late challanges. Trouble in the box just before a corner is also a trade mark of his.
All part of the game I know, and every sucessful team usually has one player like this to mix it up a bit when needed. But is there any more to his game? Do you ever see goals where he has cut the defence in half with a great through ball? Has he ever run the midfield with his football skills? Ever remember a display that has made him stand out above the rest? Well I haven't. So why do so many think he is this great player? Kicking teams into submission is not the same as out playing them. It's not even as if he waits to see if the players he is up against are going to have the running of him, it's from the off. It's not unusual to see pictures of him with his head strapped up after yet another battle. Well you don't see the likes of Keane or Vieira like that after a game. But Simeone is judged after such games as having run the game by out playing the opposition.
"...yeah not a problem, just tell me what player you want taken out and leave the rest to me"
Maybe the best proof is the fact that he is so easy to forget. Asked to name as many Lazio players as possible would he be one of those named? Surly the only reason we all remember him when thinking about his national side is the fact that he was involved in Beckham's sending off in the '98 World Cup. Of course players like Simeone are important to teams, they do the nasty work that the flair players won't do, But to class him as this world class player I feel is totally over the top.
So if all of this is really the case why do people class him better than he is?
Well maybe it is because he plays along side so many class players. Just how much does Veron carry him in the national side. Of course Simeone is not crap but if Veron is running the game doesn't that make Simeone look good as well? No player can survive a whole career being rubbish and not get found out, and as with most of the players in this team I am not suggesting Simeone is crap, just Over Rated for the tag he seems to carry around with him. Of course it is others and not the player who have classed him in this way, but he joins the team in the midfield wearing the Number 8 Shirt.
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