No: 7
Eric Cantona
Man Utd's best ever player as voted for by their own fans. But was he really as good as we are lead to believe. Was he really a world beater? Or was be just purly over rated.........
Eric Cantona, one of the best players of his time. The best Man Utd player of all time. Genius, creator, leader.....that is if you listen to any Man Utd fan or Alex Fergerson. But is this enough to pull the wool over our eyes. No. So what is the truth?
The truth is Eric was a good player in a good side. Nothing more. So why have I picked him, well because this is all about over rated players. Look at the facts, did Man Utd miss him when he was banned or when he left. No. The sign of a good team then you would say. Yes it is, but surly then that means he is not this great player all these poor mislead ManU fans think. Ask yourself this, can you remember a Cantona moment in a really big game where he changed the game? Other than his goal in the '96 FA Cup I can think of none. But was it a stroke of genius that goal or just a goal? Was it a goal of pure brilliance, not really.
The only thing we remember about him really is his famous Kung-Foo kick on the Crystal Palace fan. It can be argued that a great player would never have let the crowd get to him.
Did Cantona really ever change games? He scored the odd great goal but how many were when games were tight and needed a breakthrough? Was he really the leader of the team? Was he really the player you looked to when things were down? Or was he to busy acting out vendeta's against other players or the crowd. As I have said before, the team never really missed him when he was not playing. In fact they went on to win the treble without him, and it's not as if they brought anyone in to replace him. There are too many big games when Eric went missing for him to be classed as this great player we are all supposed to remember him by.
And then of course there is his international career. He didn't have one. Now we can all go on believing that this was because of this infamous arguement with the management of the time. But if it had been Zidaine would he have been left out. No. In fact France went on to become the worlds Number One team as soon as he was left out. Eric was part of the French team that famously missed out on the '94 World cup. Yes it is a team game, but the team was changed and the rubbish was disgarded. Eric was one of them. You could argue that Eric had retired by the time France won the world cup, but if he was still a regular in the nation side would he have held out for the '98 world cup. Let's face it he was hardly old when he retired was he.
At the end of the day I ask you to think back to when ManU played against your team. Did Eric ever do something special? Did he really stand out? Everytime I saw Eric against Arsenal he was always busy trying to kick players instead of the ball.  The ManU fans amungst us would say that Andy Cole only scored that many goals because of Cantona. Rubbish. As we all know Cole needs 10 chances in a game to score once, and Cantona never created that many during a game. What you have to ask yourself is what do you remember him for? His Kung-Foo kick or a great playmaker. It's the Kung-Foo kick isn't it. The truth is Eric Cantona was over rated. So he is first into the Over Rated XI.
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