No: 6
Rio Ferdinand
If ever there was a signing that highlighted just how out of control the football transfer market got over the last 3/4 years, it was the 30M transfer of Rio Ferdinand from Leeds United to Manchester United.
The best England defender since Bobby Moore, the first English defender who can play the ball out from the back in a decade, a cultured player who is every bit worth his 30M price tag..................the last part of Fergie's new jigsaw.

Don't believe a word of it.

Rio is without doubt yet another player who has been hyped up to the max. Hyped up to the point where he has a reputation about him that simply does not go with the way he plays football. He is simply Over Rated.
Rio finally gets to play football at a standard
he can cope with
Think of Rio and you think of this defender who can tackle back and bring the ball out of defence. Always calm on the ball and always in control. Everything he does he makes look easy. A rare talent in our English game. But you try ticking off all those qualities when you watch him play. At best you will see him bring the ball out of defence after picking up a loose ball. You see Rio's move to ManUre only highlighted the fact that he is not what the world thinks he is.
Playing in the Leeds defence he had Woodgate to partner him and as a whole Leeds were a more solid unit than ManUre. Now he is the big name in the ManUre defence and he is totally in the spot light. As a result people are now starting to see the cracks in his game. For a player known for his pace he is constantly beaten by smart forward players. His tackling is a joke and more times than not he comes away without the ball. Harsh? Not really.
In this country, the press went mad over Rio in the World Cup, yet the rest of the world were talking about Sol Campbell, who in the end won a place in the World Cup XI. Rio didn't even get a mention.
The Italians didn't even go in for him when he was on the verge of leaving Leeds. Masters of creating great defensive players, it was reported that they wouldn't even pay 10M for him, let alone the 30M ManUre paid.
It is of course unfair to say that Rio doesn't have this great air about him. He does play the game as if it's easy, he never looks like he is fazed by anything. When watching or playing
with a player like that, your bound to feel more confident than with someone who flaps. But as a result I believe Rio has had this picture of him painted that is not a true reflection. Only recently we saw all my comments rolled into one in the England game against Australia. Kewell's goal showed everything I have listed. But before you all think I am basing my argument on that one game, Rio has been doing this all season for ManUre. You watch, in most games you will find him falling into a more Sweeper role so he can pick up the lose balls instead of getting his foot in on the edge of the area.
Obviously crap players don't get to play for ManUre, just ask Danny Wallace, but Rio is not the great defender he is reported as being.
So I have no choice I feel than to give Rio the No 6 shirt.
Over Rated XI