No: 4
Paul Ince
And I just know this one will cause an up roar.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the first Central Midfielder. Paul Ince.
The Guv'nor.
Instantly I can hear the hoards shouting at me, "look at what he has won, and who he has played for..". Yeah AND?
Paul Ince loves to think he is The Guv'nor. When the truth of the matter is he is a something and nothing player. Sure he is strong in the tackle and has the will to win, but he is just not the player everyone thinks he is. And I will tell you why.

Ince as we all know started life at West Ham, promising youngster, and it was not long before a number of clubs were after him. He opted for Man Utd. So excited was he about the move that he was pictured in a Man Utd shirt long before the transfer even took place, making him a very popular face at Upton Park.
So off to Man Utd he went, and yes enjoyed sucess, winning a few medals along the way. Everyone raving about how good he was, what a fighter in the middle of the park, how could Man Utd do without him. Until one day they sold him to Inter Milan in 1995, and from then on his career was over. Man Utd brought in Roy Keane and went on to dominate English football, and Ince was suddenly shown up for the player he was.
Ince had been made to look good in a Man Utd team that was just starting it domination. As soon as he left and went to Italy, a move Ince kept telling us was going to make him a better player. All of a sudden he was surrounded by world class players who were playing at that time, in the best league in the world. He couldn't cope and soon found life in Italy too much. He was being shown up for the player he was. Inter thought they had brought a player they could base their team around, when in fact Ince was in and out of the team.  This has to be said was not helped by the fact that The Guv'nor was under the thumb. His wife making more waves than a storm at sea. Moaning that she could not find a house she liked and anything else she could moan about. And so after two seasons of showing himself up and form that was threatening his England place, Ince wanted to come home.

Liverpool was his next port of call, coming home with his tail between his legs. But wanting to keep up his imagine as this hard man player and winner, he arrived at Liverpool promising he was going to win the title for them....all on his own.
Only the scousers took any notice. By now the rest of the world was beginning to get wise to the fact that Ince was a poor man's Roy Keane. He did nothing at Liverpool and it was not long before they sold him on as had his past two clubs. Ince left having not got Liverpool even close to winning the league and proving once again that he was a big name but not a big player, offering them only a pre season Pirelli Cup triumph. He was yet again a little fish in a big pond. Again only lasting two seasons. Liverpool went on to bring Steven Gerrard through and complete a domestic cup treble. So Ince went to Middlesbrough, this time going to a smaller club in  hope of becoming the big player. Although the truth was more like they were the only type of club Ince could now attract. Three season's on and Ince has done nothing for his new club and they are constantly fighting the drop. So why is it that everyone thinks Ince is this great player?

This is a player who has joined three big clubs and been sold on each time. Mainly because he has promised so much and delivered nothing. This is also
a player who was replaced on more than a few occasions in the England team by David Batty. Like I have said Ince has always been strong in the tackle, and no one can say he is not passionate about the game, but he is just not the player he tries to make out he is. He gave himself the nickname of The Guv'nor just to make himself sound better. But he hardly in the same mould as the likes of Bryan Robson, Roy Keane, Pat Vieira or even the young Steven Gerrard. Ince is not some great passer of the ball, he doesn't score great goals. Yet he is always thought of as some great midfield general. And in my opinion this makes him more than over rated. He doesn't offer clubs that championship feel to their teams. Sure he won the league with Man Utd but I am sure there are other players you would point to first as key players before him. I don't rate him, never have and he enters the team with the number 4 shirt on his back.
Over Rated XI