No: 3
Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos. Brazilian, Free kick expert. Full back supreme. A must for any team.

I don't think so. Carlos is a myth. He is nowhere near the player everyone thinks he is. OK he can hit a ball like a rocket. But that is nearly it. He is a left back who can not defend. He has a reputation for being this free kick expert. Yet he has only scored about 5.
Roberto Carlos was not the household name he is now until his famous free kick against France. The free kick was special and it's like will not be seen again. Did he mean it? Truth is I doubt it. Why? Cause he has never been close since. Teams defending against him when he is building up to take one of his famous kicks rightly tremble in fear. Not because of the almost certain goal, but because the ball is 9 times out of 10 going to hit one of the players in the wall. And hard. The other time the ball ends up in row ZZ hitting someone in the face. Yet why does everyone think he is this free kick genius.....well all because of THAT one off freak kick against France.
So what about his defending? After all he is one. Well Can anyone really honestly say that he is a great defender. Brazilians are not really known for their defensive players granted, but this is a player who has a reputation as a great defender. So surly it's only fair to assume he can defend. Well I have to say, I have never really seen any evidence of this. He is no great tackler and is not known for really being able to read the game. The only time I have seen Carlos be effective at defensive play was against ManUre in the Champions League. Pushing his play up and stopping Beckham playing his usual game. But even in that game his game was mainly in midfield. Maybe he is better as a wing back?
Well is he as good in that position as his reputation suggests? Is he known as a great crosser of the ball? Most of the time when he is making one of his runs to the byline he tends to run out of pitch and the ball goes out for a goal kick. Hardly what you look for in your wing back is it. So what does he offer a team? Well ok he is a good passer, and can knock a ball to feet over 50 yards or what ever. But if you are looking for him to be your free kick taker, super wing back, tough tackling defender, forget it. Of course he is a pro and can play football. But I say that his reputation makes him one of the most over rated players around at the moment. Just try and think back to how many last ditch tackles you have seen him make. Count the number of free kicks he has scored that you remeber. And if you watch a game he is taking part in, some managers have started to suss him by getting the ball out to the right and attacking him.
In a Brazilian team that is failing at the moment, how long before this over hiped star get's the chop for someone who can defend? He is fair player who does not perform often enough to deserve his title. The only title he really does deserve is that of Left Back in The Ginge's Over Rated XI. So the second player to join the team is Roberto Carlos.

And no I can't see many people agreeing with me..............
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