No: 11
Steve McManaman
Possibly the easiest choice of the whole team. And with so many other top contenders for this spot as well. David Ginola and Darren Anderton to name but two.
What is it with this country. We have all these hero's and yet none of them ever produce. I put this down to something I call "Barnes against Brazil Syndrome". Yes that's right, we all remember that goal John Barnes scored against Brazil back in 1984 in Rio. Well that was all Barnes did for his country, his last good game. Yet for some reason, and no one on this planet knows why, but he went on to get over 80 caps for his country. Why, well we were all still living on that goal. This syndrome is not uncomman and happens a lot.
And "Barnes against Brazil Syndrome" has struck again. This time in the case of Steve McManaman, yet for the life of me I can not remember what part of his career is making everyone think he is this great player.
When Macca first came to our attention, we were all lead to believe that he was in the same mould as Ryan Giggs. Both appeared at the same time, both were these wonder kids. Well one made it and the other is a nearly man. Harsh, I don't think so.
Now as I am constantly reminded when I bring up this subject, Steve McManaman plays for Real Madrid. He manages to play in the same team as the likes of Figo, ZZ and so on. Well yes ok it's fair to say that Real Madrid don't buy crap players. They are the biggest team in the world. But they didn't buy Macca, they got him for free. Would Madrid really have paid the price Liverpool would have asked had he not been free?
And dispite the fact he is over there, the player himself keeps on saying he wants to stay and fight for his place BACK. Surly if he was the player we all thought, he would be a regular?
Anyway why do I think he is over rated. Simple, I want you to all cast your minds back, as far as you like (this won't work for Scousers who are still wearing their Steve Macca brand blinkers, oh there still out there). It can be an England game or a Liverpool game. Now imagine that game without him in the team, would the score have really been any different? Yes I know there will be people out there ready to throw the odd game back in my face, but only the odd game. This is a player who some how has got over 30 caps for England. HOW? He has never had a good game for England once. Yet he still gets into the squad. Prime example was only days ago. England hammer Germany 5-1. Macca comes on against a team dead on their feet. Easy pickings for this tricky winger. But Macca comes on and runs into every player in his way. This is not uncomman of his England career, and has nothing to do with him not having time to get into the game. Steve McManaman is a tricky winger with no tricks. He is another case of a player who gets the ball and does nothing with it. Yet for some reason the world thinks he is some great player. Of course he has scored the odd good goal. But no team EVER misses him if he is
not playing. Always replacable. This is a world class player who plays on the left for Real Madrid yet England have a left midfield problem. Surly that says it all doesn't it? Christ even Emile Heskey is picked there before him. Salt in the wound...............maybe Sven can see it as well. Steve McManaman is over rated.
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