No: 10
Stan Collymore
Anyone see this one coming? Was Stan even rated? Well he was and Over Rated at that. Remember this is the player who made big money moves to the likes of Liverpool and Villa, and did become a full international. Dispite all of his problems on and off the pitch, managers all over the country and even in Spain still chased after him. Even now he has retired managers are trying to get him to think again. And I have to ask...WHY?
The promising young Stan learnt his trade at Palace and Southend before catching the eye in the Notts Forest Camp. Known for his skill and pace up front, Stan became a hero at Forest. Helping them burst back into the top flight. So far so good. He was good, but could he do it at the top. Er no.Yet for some reason he continued to carry with him this tag that he was this great player ready to burst into a frenzy of greatness.
Well it was a long wait with no end result. Liverpool signed him for a big fee. Everyone thought that this would be the club that would bring the best out of him. But the truth is that there was nothing to bring out. Soon we started to read of unrest of the pitch. Stan refusing to move closer to his new club, turning up late to training on the days he would bother to turn up at all. Was this just home sickness. No. I get the feeling it was more to do with the fact that he was starting to get sussed out. Yeah Stan had the pace, he could certainly dribble with the ball, but up against Premiership defenders this was not enough. The price tag on his failing head seemed to send him over the edge. So off to Villa, who again thought they had got a right bargin for this talented striker. The same story. He never brought the team to life, never did anything worth writing about, other than hitting his girlfriend. But still the managers would refuse to believe that we had seen the best of Stan. At this point it was getting silly. Surly they could see the truth. Collymore was not all that. Simple. Even now he has retired you hear people saying how he was a lost talent. No he wasn't. this blindness even got him a full International Cap.

So as this team is all about the over rated, Stan get's his place. Simply because he was extremly over rated, and that's what I am looking for. This was a totally ordinary player who turned a few heads in his early days and never lost that title. Barry Fry will disagree with me. In fact Barry Fry wants to marry Stan, but then Barry Fry is mad.
A lost genius, I don't think so, this is a player who struggled at Leicester City and Bradford City. This is a player who never performed on the big stage and complained constantly of depression when he was not even in the spot light, and caused havoc in every dressing room he entered. Stan will possibly be the most over rated player to be named in this team.
Over Rated XI