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Monster Music Awards 2004
The Over Rated Award
The Killers     Franz Ferdinand     The Libertines     The Streets     Maroon 5     Jamelia
Franz Ferdinand
The Killers - Hot Fuse
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
The Libertines- The Libertines
The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free
Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
Jamelia - Thank You

God, where do I start. As with every year, there are more than enough acts that get me going, although to be fair, it's more the press and hype they get that gets up my nose. What band in their right mind is going to turn around and say "err, actually we aren't that good". But for me, this year there were plenty of groups to chose from, but only one clear winner in this award. Like everyone else, Franz first came into my life with the single "Take Me Out", at the time it stood out, it was different, and I liked it. The way it changed direction was awesome to hear especially when the guitar kicked in. We all wanted to hear it again and again. and like most, I brough the album off the back of that one single. On first listen I enjoyed it, I honestly did, and on the second and third. And then I had a rest from it. And it was only on my return to the album a couple of week later that I realised why I had packed it away after around only three listens. Franz Ferdinand are shit. There it is in a nutshell. They are complete crap. Take out the first single and your left with one of the worst albums of the year. It drives me mad. All the tracks are on the same level, the blokes voice is the same all the way through, he can clearly only sing in the one tone. The music is the same all the way through and it makes me feel like I am trapped in a small dark room unable to turn off the bloody music "ALRIGHT I'LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, JUST TURN OFF THIS FUCKING MUSIC"...and relax. What more can I say about them. Since discovering this, I have been astounded to read and hear almost every month how this is the best album of the year. What are people listening to? How in the name of god did such a one tone album win the Mercury Award? That has to be one of the worst decisions ever. It's time you all woke up from the coma Franz have put you in. It's time you all saw it for what it is......rubbish. This is not the future of music. I dread to think what their next album will sound like. Please, all of you see the light like I did and repeat after me "Franz Ferdinand are shit". Thank you for your time.

And so what about the rest. Impossible to go over it all without ranting on. So live with it. Ah come on that is why your really here. The Killers. An ok band. But that is as far as it goes. The Killers are typical of what seems to be going on right now. A good band who offer nothing special, nothing new and nothing to really do with the scene they are classed in. But they become the face of the kind of music that is around at the moment. People jump onto them claiming they love this kind of music, when little do they know, they are not even listening to it. They are simply hearing a watered down version of it that isn't even that great. As a result, The Killers get remembered of one of the great bands of the year. But in truth they are not. The Killers are over rated by a mile. Nice to listen to. I would never turn them off, but I would never rush out and buy anything by them either. It's bubble Gum music for this era. And it's getting in the way. Maroon5. Oh dear god, WHY. Here is the fools guide to making it big in music. Release one rather catchy track and you will live off it for the remainder of that album. That is exactly what is happening here. Maroon5 drive me mad. They are awful. Live with it, they are. A group of cool trendy American Kids who seem to give off the impression that they are where it's at. Give me a break. It's braindead easy to listen to crap. It means nothing, it is nothing. It's bland TV music for kids that has somehow become cool amungst adults. This is the kind of band you hear when you go round a relatives house. They put it on to prove they are with it and in touch with modern music. And then you have to sit there through the whole fucking album. All the time having to say things like "No, yeah they are ok I guess" because you know a musical arguement with them will be one step beyond them. That all sounds really musically snobbish of me and each to their own surly...but you all know I am right. Jamelia. Ok, I give up. Please, can someone tell me what all the fuss is really about here. Cause I give up. All I can hear is some bird with a nice enough voice singing average songs that are not even that good to go in straight at number one in an age when it's a walk in the park if your promoted enough. England has always had a shortage of these kind of singers, ok, maybe that is unfair, we have always had a shortage of these kind of singers that are actually any good. Jamelia is simply then next one. Like I say, nice enough voice, but how the hell is she being touted around as anything any good? This is nothing more than a female version of Craig David. Hype, but when it comes down to it, there is nothing there. There are a few of these artists around at the moment, and I honestly couldn't tell you who was who if you played all their stuff to me. It's faceless and it's over rated. But of course will sell loads as the kids have been told she is great. The Libertines. At the risk of repeating myself. I don't get it. I read in one article by a well respected music writer than this lot were taking over the podium that The Manic's have left behind as the voice of a confused youth.Sorry, but the only confusion here is why everyone thinks they are so good. The kind of hype and coverage they are getting, anyone would think that they are up there with the impact The Stone Roses made when they first broke through. Not even close. The Libertines, the next best thing, well so far we have had two very average albums off them. After buying the first one "Up The Bracket" I didn't waste my money on the second. I simply got hold of a copy instead. And I am so glad I saved my money. Crap. Look wil everyone listen. It's time to stop hyping up all these bands who are average, or at best, not bad. Lets start looking at the real talent. Having a lead singer who is on heroin does not make you a good band. And that leaves us with The Streets. A second album and just more drival from Mike Skinner. But you have to hand it too him, he is milking this for all he can and making a pretty penny out of it too. But all it needs is for someone to stand up and say what more people than just me are thinking "This is complete bollocks". Skinner is not a genius, Skinner is not the new sound of Urban music or where ever you want to place him. Skinner is someone talking over a beat. Some would say that there in lays the genius of it. Well if your one of those people who thinks that let me repeat that last line to you and lets see if it sinks in this time. "Skinner is someone talking over a beat". GET IT NOW? It's not even clever, none of it even goes together it really is just him talking a load of aold crap over a beat anyone can get out of a Yamaha organ by hitting the demo button.

So there you go, all the above are over rated. Live with it.