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A Gooner appealing for YOUR help !!!
22 December  2005

Fellow Gooners,

I know this is not quite the usual Arsenal filled article you are used to reading from me...
That is because this time it's more of a call for any support I can get from my readers and fellow Gooners.

Over the last few months I have been taking part in an ITV1 programme called "Shoot The Writers!"
The idea of the programme is to find new comedy writing talent.
Over the weeks 6 writers at a time have been going head to head in each programme. The Best writer from each show (as voted for by the viewers goes through to the next round)

Well I have somehow made it through to tonight's (22nd Dec) final.

We are now down to the final 4 writers.
Each writer will have 6 of their sketches shown. It's then down to the public vote as to who will be crowned the winner of Shoot The Writers!

And here is where I need your help. I need your votes, it's going to be a very close contest and every single vote is going to be so so vital.
So if anyone out there can vote it would be hugely greatful.

There are three ways of voting:
Phone, Text (both of which I believe are 25p) and Online (which is free) on the Shoot The Writers website after tonigts programme.
As of yet I don't know the numbers to call as it depends on which writer number they give me but I shall post those up tomorrow for anyone who can help)
Voting usually lasts three days after the programme.

The programme is on tonght - 22nd Dec at 12:05 (yeah I know, such a crappy time, sorry) and the channel is ITV1.

I know this is a bit of a call for help from a stranger, but if anyone can help or wants to support that ginger gooner who keeps posting articles up....then please do :)

So if you want to see exactly who writes all these articles then tune in....and please, please, please if you can, VOTE FOR ME - Andy Williams :)

Kinest Regards
The Ginge

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