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We might not get Vieira replacement until January.
16 July  2005

What a difference 12 months makes.

Well I got it wrong, Vieira has left and I thought he would stay. Too many things didn't seem to add up during the build up to the sale of Paddy. Maybe I was just looking for any clue that would show he was staying.

But there is a different feel about the whole saga this time around. For the past few seasons we have all been panicing he would go and what it would do to the team, this time round I don't think any fans are even worrying. Paddy will leave a huge hole in the midfield and with the departure of Edu as well, we really are suddenly short, yet there is no panic.

Maybe this was simply the right time for all involved.

Of course now all the talk is about who will replace Vieira. Surly Wenger wouldn't have let him go without someone lined up. Well after thinking about this since Thursday, I'm not so sure Wenger does have anyone lined up at all. This may have been a case of taking the deal while it was on the table or losing out on the chance to get a decent return for a player who is now 29. Wenger has said this is a gamble but if you don't gamble you never win anything. But don't be surprised if we don't bring in a replacement during the summer. Wenger may have looked at this deal and thought it was too good to turn down, it maybe that he is more than confident that Gilberto, Fab's and Flamini can do a good job up until the transfer window opens again in January. We only have to remember the start of last season and the kind of football we were playing. We can more than trust these players to get us through.

Wenger never panics. He likes to watch players a few times before he goes in for them. I am sure he had no intention of selling Vieira at the start of the summer, but he knew things needed freshening up. So I would guess no one has been watched and studied. Wenger will never buy for the sake of it or buy off the back of a reputation. We may have to just do as he asked, trust him and be patient.He didn't really need to ask though, I think we all trust him.

Ok, now I have written this article, you watch us go sign someone tomorrow...

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