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Annual Vieira circus & Sky Sports killing our game.
13 July  2005

It must be summer because Vieira is leaving.

Doesn't it make you want to scream. Here we are again. Paddy is off. Season number 8 is this now. At least this time it's Juve who are buying him and not Madrid. I read today that Arsenal's silence speaks volumes. It means we are going to sell him. How? Why do the press continue to think they should be let into every single thing taht goes on. Maybe if they reported everything better, clubs would say more. Wenger and the club said at the start of the summer that they didn't want to let anyone go, they didn't think anyone would go and they had no intention of selling anyone. Edu would be the only one who left. Well that is good enough for me. How many times do they have to say it for people to be happy.

Some people are alarmed that Peter Hiil-Wood has said they will discuss it at the next board meeting next week. Of course they will, I am sure they discuss every offer they get in these board meetings. It's no big deal.

The season will be here in no time, I can't see us selling Paddy with no replacement lined up. The talk is now of course of Pires going too. But then Pires has been linked with every single club on the planet since the FA Cup Final. The press like to tell us how Hleb is the replacement for Pires......err, wrong side of the pitch lads.

Other than the usual Paddy talk, nothing is happening.

To start with the summer break is just what you need. After a season of too many games on Sky Sports, meaning the amount of dire games broadcast goes miles high, you just need a break, but it's not long before your counting down the days to the new season. But with a new season comes a rant...

It's really good to see that only 7 of our games until Christmas will be kicking off at 3:00pm on a saturday afternoon, and one of those is subject to change. Sky have brought a lot of things to the game, mainly money and a better quality of coverage but at the same time they are killing the game as we know it. I'm personally sick to the back teeth of having fixtures changed around to suit TV coverage. I'm a Silver Member but the amount of games I couldn't go to last season because of this went up again last season. Football these days is about everything but going to watch your team on a saturday afternoon.

Here is a fact for you, the first home game at Highbury that kicks off at 3:00pm on a saturday is against Man City on October 22nd...the season is over two months old by then. And there is nothing that gets my blood boiling more than hearing Richard Keys say over and over again "well we have no say over the kick off times and when the games are played"... What can be done? Nothing I guess, but something needs to be. How the hell did the game become about the armchair supporter over the paying fans? What the hell went wrong?

Why are they showing Arsenal away to Middlesbrough on Prem Plus? What the hell is so big about this game that it has to be on TV. Not only that, it kicks off at 5:15pm, so at what time do our fans end up getting home that night just to cater for Sky TV. Why oh why is our home game against Birmingham so amazing that Sky want to show this live? It's pathetic. This need to cater for people who don't really even support anyone, couldn't give a toss and usually nod off in front of a live game on a sunday afternoon is sending the game into over kill. I for one have all but totally given up watching the live games simply because of the amount now shown. If you show that many live games your increasing the amount of total crap you show, and my god there were some truly shite games live last season.

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Until the next rant, don't get sunburnt

The Ginge

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