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Season of moaning is thankfully nearly over
29 March  2005

Remember May 1996, at home to Bolton, final game of the season.
We needed to win to be sure of a UEFA Cup place at the expense of Spurs. We won 2-1, scoring both our goals on that sunny afternoon in the last ten minutes. Both the summer signings of Platt and Bergkamp scored the goals that won us the game. Remember how loud we cheered at the final whistle. Remember the party mood in the North Bank at the final whistle. Remember the feeling walking away from that ground. How brilliant it felt to have got that UEFA Cup spot.

Remember the fact that securing that place was a real big deal.
Remember how it was actually quite a big deal that Bruce had managed to get us into Europe at all in his first season, with the squad he had been left. Remember the fact that we had come so, so close to a League Cup Final only to fall short in the Semi's to Villa.

Remember how all of that had equalled up to having been not a bad season really....considering.

Now look at us. 2005 and all I have read this season is moan, moan, moan.

If you would have told any of the fans leaving the ground on that sunny May afternoon back in 1996 just what position the club would be in now, the players we would have at the club, the style of football we would be playing, the three Premiership titles, the three FA Cups, seven FA Cup semi finals in eight seasons, the manager we would have, a whole season unbeaten, the fact that we would have this amazing new stadium being would have been laughed at. For crying out loud.....BLACKBURN HAD A BETTER TEAM THAN US BACK THEN.

What we have achived over the last 10 years alone most teams have never achived in over 100 years.

I have sat back in total amazement at some of the things that have been written this season by the so called fans. Some articles have been so bizarre in their opinions that some sites have had fans fighting amungst themselves.

This season hasn't been the same as last season. But then it was never going to be. You can't improve on an unbeaten season. And any team that plays at the level we did last season is bound to have a negative burn out effect the season after. That is life. 49 games we went unbeaten. God how quickly you all forget. Some of our players have been playing at levels we have never seen at Highbury before, even when they have been under par, and we are still not happy.
We have had a stupid amount of injuries this season, I have never known a season like it. When was the last time Wenger was able to pick what he would call his strongest starting 11. September maybe? As a result we have been lucky enough (yes lucky) to have watched the team of the future come together...and cope at the top level. Every month a new young player seems to make a mark in our first team. This is possibly the weakest Arsenal have been since Wenger took over in regards to injuries and here we are on the verge of an FA CUP Final and a huge chance to finish in the top two for the 8 season running...


You wanna go back and swap that for walking away from Highbury happy that we just clinched a UEFA Cup spot?

I have read about every single player we have this season and there hasn't been one player that hasn't been moaned about, including the manager.
God even Henry has to come out publically and explain why he didn't smile on the pitch. Sigh.

Short of the promise of meeting Man Utd in the FA Cup Final, which would be one hell of an end to the season.....I just want this season over now. And maybe everyone can just catch their breath for a second. Take a look around them and just see what we have at Arsenal...and just shut up moaning for ten seconds.

Right I'm back off to my dark room.

The Ginge

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