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Reyes gets the boot
18 November  2004 fact I don't think I have seen any player get kicked so much before.
Just what is it about Reyes that gets him kicked so much. Are defenders really that scared of him? Do they see him as an easy target? Are they still finding him a bit lightweight for the Premiership? Is it that he is just too nice? We are sure as hell yet to see him react when getting kicked over and over and over again.

Learning that he was the most fouled player in Spain, it seems the trend is carrying on over here too. Fair enough it's a man's game, but is anyone else getting to the point where they are just sick of seeing Reyes get kicked to the ground. It's always a tricky subject, why should any team give us an easy ride or any player for that matter. The second you talk about something like that, someone always pipes up and says "Oh what you think your players should be wrapped up in cotton wool do you".
Of course not. I've just never seen one player get so much attention before. You never see Henry, Pires or Dennis get kicked like that. They are as much a danger as Reyes is, and if anything easier to wind up if that is the motive.

I guess there is not much that can be done about it, and we as well as Reyes will just have to get used to it. I sure as hell never want to see the day when certain players get special protection.
I am sure every fan thinks the same about one of their players too. It just got to the stage last night watching while watching the game where you just think "Oh for god sake" as Neville went crashing through him once again.

But there you go.

England last night were, well as bad as they could be.
But then the same is usually the case everytime they come up against any team who can play football. It really is mind blowing how a manager blessed with such a collection of players can get it so so wrong so many times. What is it Sven says to these players? Whatever it is, he stops them playing football.
Has he his players too much of a comfort zone? Regular readers to my pages and website will know I have never been a fan of Sven, and with each passing game he does nothing to make me want to change my mind.

Spain were everything we were not.
Classy and stylish.
Their passing was clever, they made it look easy and they always had options, they kept the ball, never paniced and waited until they found any kind of opening.
Watching the game was rather like watching a Sunday League game. One team knew what they were doing and the other just hoofed the ball as far up field as they could at every opportunity, just to get a breather.
And of course once Sven started making his subs, the game was over as a spectacle.
The only mystery about last night was how Spain didn't hammer England.

The Rooney incident was something and nothing. He is still young, you want him to have fire in his belly, the fact that he got so wound up showed he cared. But of course he has to learn to turn that passion into football and not kicking people off the pitch. He has at least gone to the right club to help teach him to curb and channel his temper. Fergie won't stand for it and is one of the best managers in the game at nurturing young players through.

Thankfully it's back to The Premiership now and another pointless International passes us by. Granted this one had more to it than usual, but it was another pointless exercise at a time in the season when the players could more than do without it.

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