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Arsenal's one off chance to avenge 1-6 from 2001
24 October  2004

Pretty much everything that can be written before todays game at Old Trafford has been.
There isn't really much more to say on the matter. It's now a case of wait and see.

Fergie has gone on and on and on trying to taunt Arsenal into mind games, and failed.
Wenger has called for calm after Fergie's bizarre comments on last seasons incidents.
And rightly so.

When you start reading reports that the Police may be involved before the game in order to remind the players that they must not over step the mark, you know everything has gone too far. There is never anything that happens on a football pitch that warrants the police getting involved...and I doubt ever will be.
But when you have a manager like Fergie and Sky SPorts trying to hype this up into a blood bath, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Waking this morning and reading Fergies latest comments on how Man Utd will always be the greatest no matter what just made me feel that the time was so right for Arsenal to turn up and really put on a show. We have never avenged the 6-1 at their place. There has possibly never been a better time. Of course a 6-1 win is totally out of the question. But a one sided game with us really taking them to the cleaners is not. But only if the Arsenal players want that. Only if that is what they fancy doing. If they turn up just looking to do the job and then going home it will be a case of us simply doing that.

Chances like this do not come along often against Man Utd. In fact with Fergie rebuilding, this could be the only chance to totally do to them what they did to us that day of the 6-1.
Man Utd will be back, this game comes about at a time when they are firing blanks and we are embarrassing every team we play (providing it's in the Premiership). I would love to see us do it.
Man Utd will be after us, there is no doubt about that, but we can get a grip of the game early and take over.
Man Utd wouldn't like that of course and then it would become a kicking contest, but by then the game could already be over.
It's a one off chance to win and win well without any problem at Old Trafford...

Sky Sports are praying for a repeat of last season, they so badly want bad news to report on at full time. They so want to get their teeth into some juicy gossip. They have built this game up to be something it is not. Richard Keys must be foaming at the mouth right now just waiting for something, anything to happen.
Sky Sports are no longer interested in bringing us the best football coverage for the love of the game. If there is no scandal they will search until they can find some, and if they can't you can see the deflation in everyones eyes.
They are only interested in now playing the role of Football gods who dictate what happens in the game. Not content until they have had their say in players being banned, or let off. Not happy until they have confirmed what is right and the rest are wrong. They have wittled their guests down to the yes men who will not speak out of turn against anything Richard Keys or Sky Sports say. It's so refreshing when you see someone come on the programme who says it how it really is, but you know he won't be invited back.
Sky are slowly ruining the game for the matter what Sky say they give us.
How many times does your team now kick off on a saturday at 3pm during the season?
After todays game Arsenal will kick off at 3pm on a Saturday a total of 3 times until the 1st Jan. How is that good for the fans? Of course I can only go up to Jan 2005 because Sky haven't told us all when we can all play our games in the second half of the season. Yes, I know, if you sleep with the devil.......
But they are killing it...and faster than they think.

Richard Keys doesn't know a thing about the game and how it is played.

Watch him tonight during the "Final Word" part of Sky's Super Sunday when Andy Gray goes though tactics from the weekend, Enjoy as Richard Keys really struggles to keep up with what he is being shown. And listen out for the panic that always arises when Andy Gray asks him the usual weekly question "What would you then expect that team to do?"

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