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Fergie is running scared of the unbeatables
17 October  2004

We are only 9 games into the new season, and Fergie is already calling Sunday's game with Arsenal a must win situation. The idea of falling 14 points behind Arsenal even at this madly early stage is one he dare not entertain.

So right on time Fergie attacks in the only way he knows how. Slagging off his deadliest rivals, trying to unsettle them, trying to get them rattled, trying to get their minds off the game.
But he should know by now, eveything that comes out of Old Trafford is totally ignored by Arsenal. They really don't have the time or the need to argue back on Fergies failing attempts to rattle them.

Of course this time we have been treated to such gems as "Arsenal's behaviour at Old Trafford last season was the worst thing I have ever seen in sport".
So Cantona kicking a supporter, Roy Keane ending Haarland's career as well as stamping on Gareth Southgate were not as bad as a few players jumping and shouting a bit then? Yes I know there are more issues attached to it than that, but really that is all it boils down too.
It's laughable really. Fergie really is the biggest hypocrite in the game. And more often than not when he is running scared of another team.

Maybe we should take this timely attack as a compliment. He knows his team are really going to be up against it when Arsenal come to town. He knows that despite being the home team they are going to have to play like the away team, trying to grab what they can, if they can. He knows that even after all these comments about behaviour, he is going to have no choice but to send his players out with the usual orders he sends them out with when they play Arsenal......kick them and kick them again.

Fergie is running scared.

It's always mad to write Man Utd out of a title race, but if we are to now take it as read that Arsenal will hadly lose a game all season, then this really will be a must win game for Man Utd. And I think that is only going to play into our hands. A draw for us is fine. We don't need to win there. 5 points clear already means this game, one  that is usually some kind of title indicator, really is just another game for us.
No game against Man Utd is easy, they will be madly up for it. I don't doubt for one moment that they would dearly love to be the team to finally beat us. But although I know I won't be feeling as confident come kick off time, I do feel we will have far too much for them this time around. And yes that will knock them out of the title race. Even in October. You can't write off Man Utd, but it would take a very brave man to bet on them being able to pull that gap back. I hate being over confident, I always get scared it will come back to bite me, but I think this really is our season of dominating the title race and running away with it.
Chelsea are trying to keep up, and are already 5 points behind and they only lost their first game of the season this saturday. Both Man Utd and Chelsea are not scoring enough goals too truly keep up.
This Arsenal team is improving not showing signs of slipping up. Famous last words of course.

Watching the game on saturday from the Clock End, my third new position of the season so far, thanks to the online ticket system which seems set on giving me a complete tour of the stadium (in fact the only place it hasn't let me sit so far is the North Bank where I've been for the past 20 season), the result just never looked in doubt, even going a goal behind. The football was just far too many levels above what Villa could ever dream of living with. Fabregas is simply the sensation of the season so far. Light years ahead of his age, totally unfazed by the stage he finds himself on. He never gives the ball away, always picking the right option. His vision and technique is awesome for someone so young. Wenger will of course use him as much is as needed without burning him out, but Gilberto and Edu must be wondering if they will get their places back. You can't help but think that maybe the sudden promotion of the Spaniard is what is making Edu stall so much on a new contract.
But even after these few games, I don't think I am alone in wanting to see us face Man Utd on Sunday with Fabregas alongside a hopefully fit Vieira. The teams movement and flow is more slick, more polished with Febregas in the side. He showed us all in the Charity Shield that he looks at home against the big clubs, ok so it was an understrengh Man Utd team, but he was still up against Roy Keane, and from what I remember is was Fab's who ran the show that day.

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