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Something to moan about at last?
30 September  2004

Although to be honest, there isn't actually anything to moan about, and that has been the stumbling block for me over the last month. What is there to write about that is slightly different to what everyone else has been saying?
Arsenal have been just so good there hasn't really been many talking points, there are only so many articles you can read about how great we are before you get bored of them, so I chose to opt out for a bit. So thank goodness the Champions League is back, because it gives us all something to moan about, gives the press something to moan about. Arsenal in "drawing a game" shocker.
And that is as good as it gets.
Don't get me wrong I am not looking to moan, I am not one of these fans who loves to support a team so I can slate them, bad mouth them all the time, but I do enjoy a debate, and when your team is winning all the time and winning in style, the only debate is "how many do you think we will beat this lot by today then".

It has been fun.
It has been awesome.
I hope it never stops.
I want us to win the lot.

But it's no good for me and these pages.
Like I say, I like to try and write something a little different, away from the usual "we are great" stuff.

In fact the only moan I can have so far this season is the fact that the lifeline that is "online booking" for match day tickets keeps sitting me in the West Lower by the away fans when I am used to being in the North Bank with my Dad. Not being able to ring the dire service that is Ticket Master from work means the online option has been a god send, but this West Stand business is taking some getting used to. Not being say next to my Dad as I have been for the past 20 odd seasons has been odd, having to txt each other during the game instead of being able to chat about it. But of course with so many fans unable to get tickets at all, I'm not moaning too much.

Ok, so, what about last nights draw in Norway. Was it really that bad?
To be honest, I don't think it was. I'm just as bad as the next person at waiting for us to suddenly rule Europe, but you don't win the cup in the group stages, and if we can still pick up points while looking shaky, then that's not exactly a bad sign is it. As Wenger has said, we don't need to send out messages to the rest of Europe....YET. Not while we are all still in the group stage.
The team did look hesitant going forward, they did look like they were holding something back, was this the fear of messing up again? I don't know. Maybe, but Wengers comments after the game suggest to me he won't let that happen again. Everyone knows it's time to deliver in Europe, but I would much rather we ease our way into this seasons competition getting through to the next stage, than starting at a million miles an hour and then fading come crunch time.
I think we will be ok.
I don't think last night was anything to worry about.
No matter what we do, it won't be enough in the eyes of the press, we could have won 4-0 last night and they would have reported how it should have been 7.
And how Chelsea and Man Utd have started in this competition really does not matter, what is the point in comparing the teams so early on. I can't see one.
We are top of our group after two games, we may not be playing the best we can, but we don't look like losing to any of these teams either. That will be enough.....lets be patient.
It's a long drawn out process just to get to the bread and butter part of this whole thing as it is.

The Ginge

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