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Richard Keys makes Sky a turn off
09 August  2004

Sunday's season curtain raiser is always good for setting the scene, setting up the forthcoming season.
It serves to get us all in the mood, even better if our team is taking part.
After a long summer of no real football (The Euro's were the worst tournament ever seen, so it doesn't count), it's good to come back, batteries fully charged and everyone ready for the 9 months ahead.

I woke really looking forward to it, the bug was back, I was really up for it.

And then Sky Sports coverage started.

I realised that the new season not only meant 9 months of entertaining football ahead, but it also meant 9 months of Richard Keys.
And the second I heard his voice, all the excitement that had been building up through out the morning was drained away from my body.
9 months of having to sit through this idiots opinions and views on a professional game he clearly has no idea about, please no.

I have no idea how alone I am in this, but Richard Keys has become a joke. He no longer is able to present the programme without making some stupid comment that is totally out of touch with the opinion of real fans. His opinions no longer serve to play Devil's Advocate, they simply serve to tell professional and ex professional players they are wrong and know nothing about the game. He has got the the stage now where he believes he is bigger than the guests and the people actually inside the game. Richard Keys has forgotten he is nothing more than an ex morning TV presenter who got lucky at landing the Sky Sports job.

He has no grasp on what it is like to play the game, and going on some of his comments, he has never even played the game at a grass roots level. That is why the experts care called in to be on the show, to give us expert analysis. But Keys has trouble remembering this and questions everything they say. To the point of all but saying they are wrong.
Now and then this can be entertaining, but 9 months of it grinds you down.
It got to the stage last season where I wouldn't even bother with tuning in until a few minutes before the start of the live game simply because I couldn't stomach hearing his bizarre views on our game.
Thankfully I am lucky enough to attend a lot of Arsenal games throughout the season, so I don't have to sit through many of Sky's live gooner games. Not unless of course Sky have messed about with the fixture list and games get moved about making some impossible to get to. So it's usually only neutral games I have to stomach the talking monkey.

But simply from a football supporters point of view, he drives me mad.

He has to go, can't Sky see it?
Has no one said anything?
Am I alone here?

Yesterday, they were never going to be able to avoid the Vieira situation, fair enough, but Keys opinion on the whole thing was amazing.
Wenger was interviewed and said Arsenal nor he would stand in Vieira's way if he wanted to go. Wenger was asked how they could do this, Wenger simply replied he only wanted players at the club who wanted to be there. "famous players are queuing up to come play for us, they know something special is happening here, so we don't want to keep players here who don't want to be"
I can't understand that said Richard Keys on our return to the studio.
No I don't suppose you do, do you Keys, and that is half the problem. Your not in touch with the game or the common sense that surrounds it. Keys even gave a little comical laugh as if to suggest Wenger knew nothing about the game. I can't understand that he repeats to himself under his breath. Poor Niall Quinn is then left with the job of telling Keys he is a twat without being able to actually say the words.

All of this was of course at the end of the show, at the beginning we were treated to Keys saying how he hoped there were flash points in the game, how something always happens when Arsenal and Man Utd meet. How he couldn't wait for some juicy gossip and scandal to get his teeth into. He was all but saying he wanted a repeat of the scenes seen at Old Trafford last season. The bloke is an old woman waiting for gossip, nothing more. What ever happened to entertaining football being enough? You could see the foam coming out the sides of his mouth, crazed look in his eyes "give me a fight, a sending off, a bad tackle, anything, give me anything I can slag off".

Sky Sports give us awesome coverage of the actual games, although far too many games now, too the point of total boredom.
But they need to get rid of Richard Keys.
Before Graeme Souness kills him during one of the Champions League evenings.
"I'm sorry Graeme, you may have won the European Cup three times, won endless titles with Liverpool, managed Rangers to success after more than enough baron years, managed Liverpool to an FA Cup victory, played in a World Cup, but seriously, how can you sit there and make out you know more about football than me?".

Thank god the BBC have Match of the Day back this season.....

The Ginge

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