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Time for everyone to get off Vieira's back
23 July  2004

It's Summer, it's pre-season and surprise surprise Real Madrid want Vieira.

What is this now Summer number 5 that this story has run?
We have been here too many times before and each time it has proved that neither player nor club were ever going to even entertain the idea of Vieira going to Real Madrid. And here we are again.
But this year there seems to be a different feel from it. Mainly from the fans, and I have to say I am a bit shocked by it all.

Shouldn't we all be used to this by now, we all know how it works:-
Either the Press or Madrid mention they want Vieira
Arsenal say he is not for sale
The Press tell us he is going and it will be the end of this era at the club
Wenger admits defeat in losing the player
All the other top players will leave if Paddy does
The season kicks off with Paddy wearing the Arsenal Number 4.

Been there done that, got the new kit to prove it.
So why are so many fans kind of turning on Paddy this time round?
I have to say I am at a loss to understand it. I have even read one article calling for Paddy to be removed as Captain.....for what? He hasn't done anything wrong from what I have seen. There seems to be this new fad with fans these days, they demand the player comes out and deny every single story linking him with a new club. All fair and good, and yes as fans we all like to see commitment, but come on, do we really need to hear it yet again. He has said it so many times it's boring. How many times did Henry have to come out last season alone and deny he was jetting off all over the place. It's boring.

Yet everyone seems to be questioning his loyalty and his leadership for not coming out every half hour and saying he is staying. Christ, give the bloke a break will ya. Does he not get 5 minutes off? Why has everyone forgotten that these stories came about because the re-elected Real President said he was going after Paddy, how is that his fault? How is Paddy to blame for that? Why do people start going off on one about "no smoke without fire".....what? Real will sing and sing until the chance has gone or they get their man, we all know how they work and so do Arsenal. At no point has anyone from Arsenal said Paddy's going, at no point has the player made any suggestion he wants to go, at no point has Wenger said anything but "we have nothing to discuss with him, nothing is happening"...come on everyone....isn't that enough. What do you want an Opera?

The press (mainly the worst reporter in Fleet Street) Martin Lipton, (oh sorry I forgot about Brian Woolnough) have simply opened up their draws and pulled out old stroies to justify their wages. Nothing is happening. Simple as.
Remember the story about Paddy clearing out his locker......the bloke wasn't even in the country for crying out loud.
It's laughable. It's pathetic. It's mundane and it's become the most lazy and boring reporting in the UK.
We could all write this story by now.

Arsenal say they have had no offer, and no contact.
Wenger says there is nothing to discuss with the player because nothing is going on.
Since when did we all start disbelieving the club? Come on, they never mess about when it comes to things like this. What do you want them to do tattoo it on their arms?

So come on let's stop all this "well if Vieira was a real captain..." crap. Let's stop questioning a player who has no real power over what is written about him and is no doubt just as bored as we are of the whole thing every single bloody summer. Let's stop calling for him to not be captain anymore (never heard anything so stupid in my life). Let's just get on with getting excited about the new season. We have signed some really exciting players, Wenger has started work on the right hand side of the team and if all goes to plan we could be scaring the hell out of teams from both left and right. It's exciting, it's what we should be getting worked up about.

Start believing the crap the press write and you will also have to start questioning Edu for saying he rather likes Barca as a club...oh well he's off then. NO SHUT UP.
Sol is off to Juve too by the way......

Come on lets get our heads straight and ignore this rubbish.
The simple solution is to stop buying the rags that write this for me.

Season 2004/05 nearly here.........bring it on !!!

The Ginge

The Ginge's reputation is now very much on the line:-
"Vieira is going nowhere"

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