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Sven has no one to blame but himself.
26 June  2004

The evidence is now there, for the whole world to see. This time they have to see it.
Well at least the FA need to see it.
Maybe even the hoards of fans who for some reason still back this man.

Sven can't do this job.
Sven doesn't have the know-how. Never has, never will.
England have not come on at all under his time in charge.

All we are left with is the same old sayings
"This was a big chance, we will never have a better chance of winning something"
Didn't we say that two years ago?
This says it all. England...mainly Sven have learnt nothing.
Two tournaments back to back that have been so open. England SHOULD be boarding the plane home on July 5th as World and European Champions.
But yet again, it's all about aiming for the next tournament, what we can take forward to the next cup, how this will make us a better team. Well not anymore, because the moment in history that would have made this bunch a "great" team has now passed.
They have had their chance and blew it. Rather Sven blew it.
This isn't a great side, technically or otherwise, but what a chance...

Even teams like Brazil have to wait for these moments to come round again. So the wait for England will be another 40 years.

Sven lacks the tactical knowledge and the guts to win anything.
He is scared of the big decisions and to compensate makes match changing howlers instead.

Sven's record shows he has lost only two competitive matches in his time, against Portugal we didn't lose the game in normal or extra time.
This is a record that everyone points to "you can't argue with that", that is all I get told.
Well yes you can, especially when the manager didn't learn from either.
Brazil 2002 in the World Cup...we all know what happened, we all know the lack of guts shown. We all know Brazil were there for the taking, we all know getting past them would have cleared the way for World Cup glory.
We all know Sven messed up.

My loathing for Sven as our manager had been installed miles before that World Cup, that changed no opinion of mine.
But the FA gave him more time. Going on his record and the fact that there was something to build on, and no matter how I feel about him in charge, you can't argue against the FA thinking they would see if he could take the next step. I had no faith in it ever happening, but you can't argue with the logic.
But the signs have been there ever since that he wouldn't be able to take that step.

Qualification was embarrassing despite topping the table. It was a struggle in what should have been an easy group.
Friendlies were just used to give as many players caps as was possible.
No solutions were ever looked for in problem positions. Sven has failed to find anyone for the left, his "evidence" that he had really honestly tried to look further than his chosen 11 was a 60 minute look at Thompson, who lets face it would have offered more than Scholes.

Sven was handed the best possible start to the tournament. France. Nothing to loose. No one thought he would win the game, so what a chance to "go out there and enjoy yourself". You never know....
But the old signs were there the second England stole a goal and went ahead. Sven went right back to old habits. Defend the lead.
Just like against Brazil, Sven thought he was clever enough to keep out the best side in the world. He was wrong and was taught a very cruel lesson. His second lesson. This time it cost him nothing. Lucky. He got away with it, all he had to do was take on board this lesson and make sure it never happened again.
The negativity of his side was a disgrace. He took off the only player posing any threat. As a result he allowed more pressure on his already stretched defence. He lost the game. He lost to a team who wanted it more, and were willing to fight to the end, even when they got a goal back in injury time, they still wanted the winner. That is what makes France a team able to win the World Cup and makes England average.

Against Portugal Sven hit the biggest self destruct button ever. And it has to cost him his job. This has to highlight everything that is wrong with his management.
The second England went a goal up, they sat back. That was enough. England and Sven had leant nothing. Still in the mind set that 1-0 was a scoreline they could get away with 86 minutes to go. Loosing Rooney was unfortunate, but highlighted just how lucky Sven had been with the sudden impact the player had made. Without Rooney and his passion, England may not have even made it this far.
We saw Beckham again fail to make his mark. I still stand by this being more to do with the player suddenly feeling out of the games having played an entire season in the centre of the park and suddenly being asked to spend his time out wide. (evidence of Sven's insistance to play people out of position).
Scholes and Gerrard were swapped about on the left for fun, something I said would create a problem and it did.
Sven also showed us his lack of forward planning, anyone fancy Alan Smith up front collecting all those long balls we hit against Portugal?????
Anyone fancy Defoe ahead of the non firing Owen?
It was clear Plan B was the long ball...and so we didn't take anyone who could play it?
Gerrard came off.......Someone anyone...please explain that.
Phil Neville......his replacement.
That alone is worth a sacking.
John Terry has been so off form in all the games he played. Ledley King should have kept his place after his display against France.
David James. Enough said. And to think everyone was so, so angry with David Seaman's form. That will teach them. Grass wasn't so greener was it.

The press and Sven have been given their safety blanket of a disallowed goal right at the end. But that would never have been justice. Portugal were brave, they brought off Figo in a very brave attempt to win the game, Sven brought on nothing but defensive players trying to hold on. Portugal are not a "great" team but are well organised, any team like that will always beat Sven, no matter what players he has to hand.
Remember the struggle against Japan leading up to this Tournament.

After the game Sven moaned and moaned about the penalty spot. He asked for something to be done... But failed to come to terms with the fact it was the same for everyone.
Owen came out with the cracking statement that becasue the spots were so built up and lumpy, it would go against the players who liked to kick the floor before making contact with the ball. Not even the worst Sunday League player uses this footballing practice. What the F*** is he on about? Who kicks the floor before the ball...SHUT UP IDIOT.

I feel sorry for the players.
England are not a great side, they have good players, but now many times do chances like this come along? Both in a World Cup and The Euro's back to back? They did have a chance. But Sven didn't have a clue.
They have had the chance of a World Cup and a Euro winners medal taken away from them. They have been taught by Sven to sit back on a lead they could have doubled.

Sven has denied them their chance.
He has denied a nation.

He has to go

The Ginge

PS: The Welsh Defectors Board is still open to all...
Some may say that it's drastic, but trust me, it's better in the long run, especially with the World Cup qualifiers coming up.
Just go to Becoming Welsh on the main site and join us. Believe me you will thank me in the long run. And there we will remain until Sven goes.

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