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Time to sit back and take in Awesome Arsenal.
30 May  2004

I haven't written a thing on here since we sowed up the title at White Hart Lane.
It kind of felt like a time to rest, sit back and just take it in. What was there to say? The stats, the record the team had said it all. The only thing you could do was just take a back seat, and make sure you didn't forget a thing. The season feels like it has been over for months, ever since we won the title at White Hart Lane everything else has felt like an end of season tour. The players strolled through the last four games to remain unbeaten and take their place in history. Remaining unbeaten throughout a whole domestic season will never happen again. It took over 100 years for it to simply happen this second time.

Watching from my place in the North Bank on that last day of the season, was a very odd feeling. Watching Paddy lift the Premiership trophy you had to keep reminding yourself that this wasn't simply another title winning team you were looking at here, this set of players were possibly the best English football has ever seen. This was as good as it could ever get. We will (fingers crossed) see more title's lifted at Arsenal, but we will never see the likes of this season again. Unbeaten. Stood there looking round at everyone's faces, taking it all in, watching the players take their lap of honour, did they really realise what they had just done? Even Wenger gave a quick 2 second dance on the pitch. He knew. But then he always does. These were things you just had to take in, had to remember, these were the things we were going to tell everyone about in years to come. We were there. Young fans will ask us about them, "wow, were they really as good as the record books suggest?" son they were better.

Just how lucky are we, as fans.
Just look at what we have seen this season, we have even had the best player in the world show us week after week just how awesome he is. When have we ever been able to say something like that. And he doesn't even want to leave. We have had some simply awesome players at the club, but we have never been lucky enough to boast the best in the world. It has got to the stage where the only weak link in the team that can be found is a technically excellent goalkeeper with a bit of a short fuse.

Ah lets face it what more is there to be said that hasn't been said over and over again in the press and pundits everywhere.

Next up....the next record. Forest's 42 game unbeaten record.
We are three games away from beating it. As you all no doubt know, we are currently on 40.
It would be awesome if we could take that one as well. This team deserves to.

And so into the summer.
We have the Euro's to look forward to, although I am not the biggest England fan at the moment it has to be said, my views on Sven are well known. I think I am just interested in seeing how the Arsenal players in each of their teams do. It should be a very interesting tournament and I think more open than most people think.

The only real transfer story so far this summer has been Alan Smith's move to Man Utd.
And I have to say I look to be very much alone in thinking that the Leeds fans are totally out of order in their reaction to this move. This is a player who did as much as he could for their club, and if every other Leeds player had put in half what he did they would have survived, as a result Smith could well have still been there. Smith was going to have to leave the club in the summer whether he decided to or not. Leeds were going to sell him no matter what. Smith is a Leeds fan, through and through. But this is his career we are talking about and at the time of the transfer he had the choice, if he wanted to stay in this country, of Man Utd, Middlesbrough or Birmingham. Now come on, please, is there really any fan anywhere who would begrudge Smith the chance to join the best option. It's not like Leeds are even in the same division anymore. They are hardly direct competition or anything. I totally understand the so called hate between the two clubs and how transfers between the two clubs in the past have stirred up such passions, but I believe this time the Leeds fans really have no reason to turn on Smith. How the hell can all this really come from a transfer between a Division One team and a Premiership team. It's madness. Smith did all he could for the club he loves, and as a result I think he has more than earnt the right to go where he wants. Man Utd was the best option of a small number of choices. Can Leeds fans really say they would have prefered him to have totally upped sticks and had to have gone and played in a different country just tokeep them happy. You try to imagine what it much be like for them, put yourself in their it really that bad? No. Imagine Arsenal were in Leeds position and Spurs were where we are now, TH14 has done all he can for the club, tried his best to keep us up, fought to the end, but still we go down. He says he has to move on, and he goes to Spurs. Is there one, just one single arguement against him making that move. No. That is life, that is football. There are times when fans have to remember this is the players job as much as their passion. The club he loved were going to sell him anyway, so why the hell should he show the level of loyalty that is demanded? He showed that on the pitch. Nothing is in question as far as I can see. Should the fans, if they feel they have to blame someone, not look at their board for selling him to Man Utd? How about the fact that their club was put in the position that the best players had to be sold at all? What about that. To suddenly show this public hate for the one person at the club (other than Eddie Gray) who did everything to keep them up, is out of order.

But that is just my opinion.

The Ginge

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