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Sing when your winning? Not yet.
11 March  2004

Just how annoying is this "take one game at a time" mentality becoming?
Not the team, but us the supporters. It seems the general train of thought for most of us.
I know it's starting to annoy everyone I speak to about it. If they hear "we have won nothing yet" from me one more time I am sure I am going to get hit. But as we all know from last season, this is all too true.
Here we are nearly in the middle of March, 9 points clear in the title race, still unbeaten. Through to the Semi Finals of the FA Cup and on course for a record 4th successive final. In the last 8 of the Champions League after cruising through last night in what turned out to be nothing more than a training session for our players.
It couldn't be any better.

The way the team are playing there is no reason at all to doubt anything this time around. The team are playing like a team who have learnt from last season, they look like they are not about to let anything escape them this time around. They want the lot and they show no signs at all of letting up this amazing pace until the job is done. They are playing football that is tearing everyone in their path apart.
So at what point do we allow ourselves to let go of that small remaining bit of fear that we have been here before and come away with less than we should have?
Half the fun of being a supporter of any club is that you get to really harp on when your team is playing well. But I know I am not alone by staying quiet at the moment.
And it's driving me mad.
That "one game at a time" mentality has rubbed off on us all. Every Gooner I know feels the same. No one is saying anything. Everyone seems to be holding it in. No one dares say what we might win until the job is done. Even with a 9 point lead, I'm still getting into conversations with other Arsenal fans about how it will only take one slip and we could end up letting Man Utd and Chelsea back in with a sniff. There's almost not enough games left for this to happen especially to any team who are worthy Champions, but still there is that little niggle in the back of my mind.

Last night, hearing that we were favourites for The Champions League made me cringe. I have no doubt in my mind we can get past anyone now, but I don't want to think about it, and I sure as hell don't want to mention it in conversation.
I allow myself to waffle on in polite conversation about the breathtaking football we are playing at the moment, but the boasting and the ranting is being made to wait.

Is anyone else sick and tired of Richard Keys on Sky Sports?
Sky have always liked to stir things up, their Goals on Sunday programme likes nothing better than to get involved in every decision made over the weekend until they get someone into trouble. But just lately Keys has been making me shout at the TV. He is so out of touch with the game now it's insane. He has no idea what football fans are thinking or how they feel about the game. Some of his comments are just madness. It really is time Sky brought in someone new.
Of course part of his job is to play Devils Advocate to some extent but I think it has got to the stage where he now believes everything he is saying rather than just trying to get all sides of the story.
He is totally blind to what is going on in the game.
He was heard saying the other week how he is totally miffed at why fans moan about where they play in the Semi Finals of the FA Cup. "Where does it matter where you play, surly the occasion is all that matters". No I can't see how fans from the south having to travel up north for a 12pm kick off during rail problems would annoy anyone either Keys.
His total lack of understanding of how the game is played is a joke. He loves nothing more than a scuffle to take place so he can call for a player to be banned. He is still convinced that TV has no part to play in when games are played and at what time. He has started discarding ex players opinions by constantly telling them they are wrong.
Souness - "fans in other countries are starting to get bored of the amount of european games they play and it will start to happen here if UEFA don't do something about it"
Keys - "That will never happen, no chance, not here"
Err yes they will Keys. How may of us now see the first group stage as that part of the cup that is annoying before you get to the really interesting part of the cup?
If it was knock out from the off it would be a lot more interesting. Well I think it would be anyway.
But Keys has to go, surly it's getting to the stage where he is starting to embarrass the channel? How can they put together a serious and respectable coverage of anything if their presenter has no knowledge of the game.

But you can't deny the man has bottle (or big security staff).
After asking ex hard man Souness the other week why Keane stood on the Porto keeper, he then proceeded to tell Souness he was wrong. Even when Souness told Keys he had never played the game and didn't understand what went through a players mind.
"no sorry I can't argee with that at all".
If ever there is a Charity match and those two come up against each other...I'll be paying good money to see that.
In fact I might even arrange one right now.

The Ginge

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