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Henry winning World Player of the Year is out of the question.
09 December 2003

Just who has been the best player in the world over the last 12 months?

I personally think only one name should be mentioned. Thierry Henry. I can not see any arguement big enough to prove why he hasn't been the best player over the last 12 months.
Shortlisted with Ronaldo and Zidane, Henry has to be the one who wins the award. What Henry has done over the last 12 months has been streets ahead of the form the otehr 2 have hit. henry might not have the touches Zidane has, or the killer instinct that ronaldo has, but he has played the better football, and certainly has more to his game than either of the other players now.

But, I fear, no infact I am 100% sure Thierry Henry will not win the award for World footballer of the year.
It's just not going to happen.

The award is voted for by people in the know. The 142 Coaches of the National teams.
If these men don't know, then who does?
Who am I to say they don't know their Onions? These people get to see far more players than I ever do.
And although we don't know the result yet, I know, I just know that the best player isn't going to win it, and I just can't believe why.

It always strikes me that awards like this always go to reputations more than what a player has done over 12 months. Zidane has had a very quiet 12 months, I don't doubt that he has played some great football, but he has nowhere near set the pitch alite like Henry. Ronaldo is scoring for fun, but has there been anything more to his game over the last 12 months that warrants him winning the award? Or even be shortlisted for that matter.
Who could forget Ronaldo winning the award for playing 6 games in the 2002 World Cup. A total shame.

I don't usually take much notice of these awards, but of course this time there is the added interest of an Arsenal player being involved. And because of the amazing form Henry has been in, I just want to see justice done. There is no bias in this at all. If Van Nistelrooy was up for the award on the kind of form Henry has hit, I would want him to win. (god what is wrong with me these days).
With Zidane already winning two of these awards and Ronaldo winning three, you just get the feeling it's a bit like voting at the local elections, you always vote for the same person each time regardless of what has happend.

I don't hope Henry wins because he is an Arsenal player, although of course it would be great to say we have the best player in the world at the club. No I hope he wins because he totally deserves it. The kind of performances he has put in deserve to be rewarded.
If any player has been playing I haven't seen any footage of it, and let's face it, any player playing well enough to beat him to the award would have been talked about all over the papers and would be shown on TV.

Henry has been almost single handedly guiding France to Euro 2004 with some amazing goals and performances. He has been there for the world to see. He has stood out from everyone is an excellent French team.
He has ripped the Premiership apart, as well as making Inter Milan look like a bunch of Sunday League players at the San Siro.

But as I say, Henry won't win it. He plays in the Premiership for a start. Only players plying their trade in Italy or Spain seem to win this one.

I hope I am wrong, but I don't think I am.

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