Monster Music Awards 2003
Yeap, you bet it's that time of year again.
The Monster Music Awards 2003.
That page where I tell you what was hot and what was not in the music world in the last 12 months.
Last year I caused a few arguements......what will happen this year?
Best Album

Muse - Absolution
RadioHead - Hail To The Thief
Massive Attack - 100th Window
Feeder - Comfort In Sound
The Thrills - So Much For The City
Turin Brakes - Ether Song
Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts
Best Single

Starsailor - Silence Is Easy
Muse - Hysteria
Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp
Feeder - Just The Way I'm Feeling
OutKast - Hey Ya
Foo Fighters - Times Like These
Turin Brakes - Pain Killer
Placebo - Bitter End
RadioHead - There There
White Strips - Seven Nation Army
Over Rated

Sterophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back
Travis - 12 Memories
The Darkness - Permission To Land
Evanescence - Fallen
The Coral - Magic And Medicine
Shut The F*** Up

Blue - Guilty
The Darkness - Permission To Land
Robbie Williams - Live at Knebworth
Justin Timberlake - Justified
Alex Park - Introduction
Black Eyed Peas -
Biggest Let Down

Travis - 12 Memories
The Strokes - Room On Fire
Starsailor - Silence Is Easy
Blur - Think Tank
Athlete - Vehichles And Animals
Best Kept Secret

David Bowie - Reality
Elbow - A Cast Of Thousands
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Fever To Tell
Paloalto - Heroes And Villans
Mew - Frengers
Jet - Get Born

Feeder - Comfort In Sound 
It took me ages to come up with the final list with so many good albums out in the last 12 month. The Kings of Leon and White Stripes Elephant would have made it onto the list any other year.
Picking the winner on the other hand was an easy choice for me. This was Feeder's big year, but it won' t be their last. Comfort in Sound was by a mile the best album of the year. It was also the album that put them right up there with the big boys. There are still people out there who see Feeder as that band who make good catchy tracks but they are not anything worth writing home about.  I challange anyone to say that after hearing this album. It's just full of so much quality. There have been some great albums, but this one stands out because it was such a big statement. This was the final step that confirmed Feeder as maybe even the best band in the UK at the moment. To those who didn't really follow Feeder it was a bolt out of the blue by that band they have heard a few times, to those who have followed them for a while, this was the album that had been brewing up for a while. Of course like all quality at the moment, it never got the attention is should have got. The singles never really got the radio time they should have. Some still don't really know about this album, they see Feeder on the cover and possibly think that there will be a few good tracks but they aren't going to spend money on it. Do yourself a favour............
As for the rest, Radiohead's return to guitar was welcomed by everyone. They never fail to deliver as far as I am concerned and Hail to the Thief has some awesome tracks on it.
Massive Attack's 100th Window is possibly their best album in years. Butterfly Caught is just quite simply one of the stand out moments of the year.
Placebo somehow got a lot of stick for Sleeping with Ghost, but I thought it was yet another step forward by them as they just seem to make better album after better album.
The Thrills brought sunshine to the winter. A refreshingly upbeat album with more than enough summer anthems on there.
Turin Brakes upped the anti with their second album. Full of some excellent tracks that only they could perform and write.
And then we have the new Muse album. Very loud as you would expect. There are a few dodgy tracks, but the good ones are so good it more than makes up for it. I am slightly worried they are starting to move away from what they stand for. But this one wasn't a big enough move to put me off.

Feeder - Just The Way I'm Feeling
    White Stripes - Seven Nation Army 
For the second year running, I can't pick an out right winner. And I still want to maybe add one of the others I have shortlisted. Just The Way I'm Feeling is the track I have played more than anything else this year. I love it and I think it stands out over everything that has been released this year. BUT, Seven Nation Army was something a bit different and had such an amazing rift that was so simple and so catchy, I have decided that it's too much of a close second to be given second.
Just The Way I'm Feeling, is one of those songs that contains lines that are just so simple, you wonder why no one else has added them before. The sheer feeling that is delivered by saying "It's just the way I'm feeling" within the subject and feeling of the song, really does break me at times. Songs that can put across feelings like that with just one simple line, I think are genius.
Seven Nation Army is one of those tracks that you turn up the second you hear the intro. You know what's coming and you love the way it builds up. The music is so simple and catchy that possibly not many people know all the words to the track. I know I struggle when I try to remember them. The music is so different to anything else released this year and you can hear it everywhere. Adverts, the "coming soon to BBC" moments. Only the White Stripes could write it, and I love it.
The rest........
Well, what you want from a single is something that will stick with you there and then. Unlike an album, the single has to make it's statement there and then. It has to catchy, has to stand out from the 39 others in the charts at the moment. These are mainly the reasons the rest made the list. One off tracks I just love to hear. They stand on their own without needing the rest of an album to support them.
Muse, Foo Fighters and Placebo were all such tracks that come along, do their thing, make you want to play them again and again. Very loud which is always a bonus. Radiohead's There There was a moment of Radiohead genius. Many layers, as well as changing direction a few times. Dizzee Rascal was a breath of fresh air. I haven't been a fan of this kind of music for a while, it's become far too commercial now, which has killed the original soul of it all. But Dizze has arrived and seems to be single handedly reminding us all what we have been missing. Totally original, he's doing it his way or not at all. Thank God for that.
OutKast's Hey ya is just one of those singles that I love hearing. I'm no fan of the group, I wouldn't buy the album, but there is just something about this single that I love. It's nothing special, but I just love it.
Leaving us with Turin Brakes' Painkiller. Simple acoustic track that surly can't help but put a smile on everyones face. I love hearing it.  

Mew - Frengers
Frengers, where the hell did that come from? But then I love to be hit like that when I take a chance on an album. I first heard Mew on a sample CD from HMV. It so stood out I just had to get the album. Ever since I have got it, I have never really been able to decide quite where this album could sit. It has a commercial sound, but is quite clearly different to anything else out at the moment. And despite having a commercial tinge to it, there are some tracks on here that are just mindblowing. The final track alone Comforting Sounds is one of the most powerful things I have heard in ages. Epic in sound and length. I don't know anyone else who has even heard of them. So I suppose that makes it the best kept secret of the year.
Paloalto are another group I doubt many heard about. They released that album you love to hear and could listen to it again and again no matter what mood your in. That album you always enjoy re-descovering when you have not heard it for a while....but it's nothing special. There are no moments on here that make them stand out, but it's their own work and it sounds great.
Bowie continues to bring out quality, but it seems Reality has gone un-noticed. If you love Bowie and loved Heathen, Reality is worth having. Elbow's A Cast Of Thousands was the album I had been waiting for them to make. They seem to have fallen into that hole where people know about them but have forgotten about them. This album should have lifted them out, but again, another than went largely un-noticed.
Yeah yeah yeah's are a band everyone speaks about and says they love, people even ask excitedly if you have heard the album....yet I don't knw anyone who has it. Talk about missing out.
Jet were sold as the Australian Oasis....they are not, but this is a great album. I think they sound more like The Who..which is a very good thing.  

Travis - 12 Memories
I saw it coming, and saw it coming, prayed it wouldn't happen...but it did.
With the release of The Invisible Band, I really hoped Travis were not going to do that thing a lot of groups do and find a forumla that works and just keep churning the same old thing out again and again. The Man Who was an awesome album, different to anything that was out at that time. Then along came The Invisible Band....clearly The Man Who part two. Ok, well maybe it's just a case them still riding the wave and finishing off what they started. But 12 Memories is part three and it's not even a good part three. Such a nothing album. How can a band who started off so loud and inspiring with Good Feeling fall into this rut. I am so gutted. They offered so much. I did say that the 4th album would have to change the direction in order for them to stay at the top...but now the 5th album is going to have to be something amazing. And after hearing 12 memories...I don't think they have it in them.
The Strokes seem to be on exactly the same path. Room on Fire is no different to the first album in anyway. A slight change and you would be looking forward to album number three. But I'm afraid this total lack of adventure has put me right off them now. StarSailor promised me so, so much. The single Silence is Easy came to me right at the time when I was thinking exactly the same thing as what the singles lyrics were saying. But the album, which is good, didn't even get close to what the single suggested it was offereing.
Blur, well I think I will be waiting forever for them to go back to the hights they hit with Pleasure. It's possibly not there anymore and Think Tank again promised loads and ended up being very ordinary to my ears. Athelete let me down because I somehow fell for the hype and believed what I read. It's an ok album as far as I am concered, but shouldn't be getting the hype is has. It's average.

The Darkness - Permission To Land
Oh how easy was this one. But I do seem to be alone. I can't see what all the fuss is about. The Darkness are nothing more than an annoying Queen tribute band. His voice makes me want to kill, and the music is dire. Of course I keep getting told I am missing the point. But I'm not. I know they are tounge in cheek to a point, but they are so annoying with really is not a good mixture. They are a one off band. Somehow this album has made them a name, but the next will be worse and you know they will try that thing when groups who start like this suddenly want to be taken seriously. It's not in them to make music like that, and with a lead voice like that blaring out of a pair of speakers. ARGHHHHHH. SHUT UP.
Sterophonics new album was also madly over rated. Oh how they have moved a million miles away from the excellent first two albums. It's a shame, but they are now a nothing band. The Coral I really struggle with. They are excellently different. But I just don't think their music lives up to what they are trying to do.
Evanescence are nothing new or nothing original. They have somehow got caught in the limelight and fingers crossed they will go soon. They annoy because you just know they are trying to be clever with their music and it's just all over the place and ends up being a noise with no meaning. Travis I have been through, and it hurts to add them to the Over Rated page, but that is just how bad the new album is. And we can all now see just how over rated they are.

Blue - Guilty
This should go to The Darkness, this should go to Alex Park, this should go to Robbie Williams, this should go to Black Eyed Peas, this should go to Justin Timberlake.................
But I'm giving it to Blue.
Now Blue have always been one of those boys bands I have been able to ignore. They can sing at least, and the stuff they come out with is average enough to let it wash over. But, just recently they have come out with some really bad material, to the point where I can't ignore them. They have got under my skin. Their sudden fad seems to be doing cover versions of songs with guest singers. And so starts the irritation. How lazy is that. How much does a band want to sell out before it becomes such a laughing stock not even the kids want to buy their stuff? Obviously the little teeny boppers on this planet will never stop buying their stuff, they are good looking lads who cares what they sound like. And some people actually think their music is good. (obviously I don't mean their music, it's not like anything they do is theirs, they don't write their own songs or music...but you know what I mean). Yes these people really are out there. Yes it's all about taste, but how can people say they like music and then enjoy faceless music and songs that are dreamt up by some bigwig record label exec who is just trying to sell as much as possible? That's not music. And if it's really about the lovely lads in the band....Oh they are so sexy. Do yourself a favour, buy the poster and go find music with soul. That way you can stare at the sexy lovely lads and be effected by music with real passion and soul. Hear something that has actually come from someones emotions and means something more than how many it will sell.
I love this catagory.....anyway if your still reading..........
Blue as I say have slipped into the lazy of the lazy. Add a big name to the record like Stevie Wonder or Elton John (both of which I can not believe agreed, actually Elton I can, but I am horrified Stevie Wonder lowered himself so), and your going to sell more. And hey it must be one hell of a track if they are taking part, right? ARGHHHHH. Christ almighty, why do we have to put up with this. Why can't people see it for what it is and just leave it on the shelves. Yes this is just my personal opinion and I am sure someone could come up with an arguement back, but come on I so have a point here. Fingers crossed this is just a sign that Blue's management have run out of ideas for them and this is the start of the end......until the next band come along.
As for the rest, Alex Park can't even sing yet won a talent context. Timberlake has now released every track from his album....sell out and no talent. And NO he is nothing like Michael Jackson to all those plonkers who think he is. Black Eyed Peas released a lovely single trying to spead love....we all know they don't believe or stand for the message they were trying to get across. And boy that grinds my gears. Robbie Williams........just please please please, I'm now begging shut up. When will people see through him? I give up.

And here ends my little say on the past 12 months in music.
That is how I see it. As I have said, it's only personal opinion, but being about music it's my strong opinion.
But as always, feel free to let me know if you think I'm wrong.
These pages are always meant as cause for debate............and you love it.
Until next year...........Monster.