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Monster Music is back with a new look. Bringing you more reviews and opinions on past and present music. Plus to bring you a wider musical range to this page Monster Music Furterz Style joins the page. Instead of simply reviewing the albums you should already have in your collcetions we will now be bringing you our thoughts on the latest releases in our own sections.
Latest Review: Feeder - Comfort in Sound


Latest Review: Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Follow the fortunes of Soggy Bizkit, a Nu Metal band on the verge of greatness. Their progress recorded only on
Monster Music Furterz Style.

Furterz passes a listening ear over Linkin Parks new album.

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Echo Park pushed Feeder right into the public's eye.
But is their 4th Studio album yet another step forward.

See what I think.
DCA   Moments in History

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The Cooper Temple Clause
See it Through and Leave

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