We are all made of stars
In this world
In my heart
Great escape
Signs of love
One of these mornings
Another woman
Extreme ways
Jam for the ladies
Sunday (the day before my birthday)
Sleep alone
At least we tried
Look Back in
The rafters
I'm not worried at all
First Impressions:
Have I put "Play" on by mistake?

In a Nutshell:
Stood alone, a good album. But the usual change of Moby direction with each album is missing. Buy "Play" instead.

Stand out tracks:
Fireworks, In This World, Sunday & One of these mornings
We have come to expect only great albums from Moby, so surly it was only fair to expect the same of his new offering "18". There is just one problem, and that is his last album "Play". Listening to 18 you instantly get the same feeling as you do listening to Play. The main reason for this might be because 18 sounds like it's poorer brother. Of course it is quite possible that a lot of these tracks were ones that did not make it onto the last album for what ever reason. But 18 is lacking what Moby has always offered with each album. A change of direction. Maybe it is unfair to expect him to come up with something new everytime? And how many bands/artists these days survive on their  same old sound.
None of this is to say that 18 is a dire album. Stood alone it is a very good album, but there are far to many samples and snipets from his last album, and that takes away a lot of this album's identity. 18 goes along the same guide lines as Play, and there are some really good tracks on here that make you want to turn it up louder. Moby has again chosen very wisely with his vocalists, as well as singing on a handful of tracks himself. Jennifer Price, Sinead O'Conner and Dianne McCaulley to name a few. The female vocalists again adding to the more atmospheric tracks to good effect, and are proberly the highlights of the album.
But I couldn't help feeling a bit let down by this album, it feels in a way like this is Moby and first gear. Had he saved this album for his next release then I would proberly feel differently about it, but with Play so fresh in the memory, 18 does not have me wanting to listen to it again and again. This is more an album I will be putting on now and then. Which is a shame as I personally feel that Moby is the biggest musical genius of our time, but then I suppose even genius' are allowed off days.
Worth a buy if your a Moby fan or if nothing else is out that week. Maybe it's a grower?