Feeling so real
All that I need is to be loved
Let's go free
Everytime you touch me
Bring back my happiness
What love
First cool hive
Into the blue
Everything is wrong
God moving over the face of the waters
When it's cold I'd like to die
An obvious artist maybe, and the obvious album to have gone for would have been "Play", but that's not the idea of these pages. They are to tell you about the albums you may have missed. And if there is still someone out there who has yet to buy "Play" well, then I give up. So there was not much point in telling you about "Play" was there. Especially when there is an as equally huge album that Moby had already made that was less known.
For some reason this one has for a long time been over looked. After coming to our attention in 1990 with his single "go", Moby has always been one of the leaders in dance music. Being able to switch from Ambient to Hardcore without any problem, made him possibly the best dance act around. The music he made influenced the scene constantly, until the scene became to commercial and the two seemed to part company. Moby was left to experiment with his music possibly a bit more without having to stick to the gender of dance music.  And "Everything is Wrong" was maybe the start of that. Moby was starting to prove that he had a wide range of styles ranging right up to thrash metal. And the more music he made the more he was becoming one of the most respected and influencial musicians of his time.
"Everything is Wrong" had this wide range of musical tastes. And because of this, the album was frowned on by the so called experts on it's release. How could an album go from Happy Hardcore to Trash Metal and then Ambient. When your Moby quite easily. And of course it works. The music on this album is almost perfection. The only thing that stops it being perfect is the fact that it's hard to be a fan of Trash Metal if you are more into dance music. But one of those tracks "All I need is to be loved" does give a very clever mixture of a trance backdrop mixed in with the Trash Metal. "What Love"  being more a vocal track.
The rest of the album is all the genius you would expect from Moby. A mix of energy dance tracks and the more relaxing thoughtful ambient sound.
The best moments do come from the ambient tracks, "Into the blue" includes the haunting vocals of Mimi Goese as does "When it's cold I'd like to die". Both bringing a kind of mystical sound that goes with the rather chilling lyrics. "God moving over the face of the waters" is another of the more softer tracks, it's simple and dramatic. Moby again showing just how much feeling he is able to put into his music with just the simplist of tracks. 
But of course this is Moby and there are some real Old Skool dance tracks on here as well. "Feeling so Real" and "Everytime you touch me" were both released as singles and became dance floor anthems. both full of Moby's usual energy.  "Anthem" being the stand out track from this catagory. Throw in the Happy Hardcore "Bring back my happiness" and the list of differnet syles is complete.
Where the dance tracks capture exactally what clubs were playing when this album was out, and still makes the rubbish that is being passed off as dance music now look cheaper than one of Pete Watermans Groups. The Ambient and more softer tracks just don't age and still sound as good as they did when the album first came out. They still have the power to make to drift off, they still have the haunting feel to them, and they go to show that Moby was writing music that people are still now trying to copy.
Three or four of the tracks on this album have been taken and used in films since, a trend that was to continue when Moby released "Play". The only album to have every single track brought for either adverts or films, ever. And considering there are 18 tracks on that album it just goes to show you just how widespread Moby's music can be.
"Everything is Wrong" is a shorter and more earlier version of what "Play" was going to be, and for that reason alone it should be part of everyones collection.