Hi Matthew Perry here, and I want to bring to you my guide to girls games.
I know what a lot of you are all thinking but your wrong. Girls games are for all of us not just those in skirts, and they are fun.
Although you don't need to be in touch with your feminine side it does help. I find that I can relate to the rules more than most men due to me allowing myself to let out my female tendancies.
So read on and I will hopfully see you on a Rounders field real soon

Matt xxx
Ok let's start with Rounders. A game  most men have only ever played at School. This is a wonderful game to play. No chance of getting hurt unless of course you take your eye off the ball when you are batting of course. But the good thing is that as most of the people who play this game are girls. The bowler will not be getting much power behind the ball. A lot of the men who play this game try and make it sound more macho and call it Softball or BaseBall. This is a shame. Come on guys don't be scared of admitting you play this game. It's fun. The idea of the game is easy as well, which I suppose is why so many girls play it. No tricky rules to try and grasp. I main idea is to hit the ball as hard as you can, ususally only as far as first base, and then run round the four bases placed around the outside of the bowler. Couldn't be more simple. Like I say it's a non contact sport which is right up my street as I don't like all that kicking and hitting you get when playing men sports.
And so we come to Girls Cricket. Much more fun than the Mens version. For a start the ball is not as hard which is good, I don't know about you but catching a proper cricket ball really hurts your hands. The best thing about this sport is the amount of standing around you have to do. If like me you get out of breath after just a few seconds of running this is the sport for you, and because it's the girls version no one will be nasty to you if you can't throw the ball back. After all women can't throw to save their lives so you will feel right at home here.
Girls Basketball/Netball. Always a easy game to play this one because the ball is so big you can't fail to catch it. If I had to pick between the two games though I would have to opt for Netball if only because you have to keep still when you have the ball and there is not much need to move about during the game. The only thing that does go against me is the jumping up when you are shooting. It's not a big problem but a man with my gut finds it hard to take off.
When the game is Basketball it is always better to play with girls because they are not a rough when trying to get the ball off of you. They tend to kind of stand off you more which is good because it means less chance of getting hurt. Do beware though, grazing your knee is possible in these games if you run to hard and fall over on the hard court.
Volleyball. Very much a girls game. But one I hold dear to my heart. Although I do have to confess that I prefer Beach Vollyball. Why? well it doesn't hurt as much when you fall over does it. The only down side is you get sand everywhere, all between your toes the lot.  The main idea of course is to get the ball over the net using your hands. As a result I recommed buying special leather gloves. Not only will it help you guide the ball where you want it to go but it will stop your hands hurting after a game. Again another non contact sport but a word of warning. Don't stand to close to the net, an incoming slam shot might hit you in the face. I don't think I need to tell you the horrors that could come as a result. Basically a very enjoyable game that again doesn't involve to much running about if you plan it right and you get to wear spandex if you like without anyone taking the piss.
This one might raise a few eyebrows. Whether it be the thought of my in a leotard, or because none of you realised I was so gentile.
This is a vey disaplained sport and not many men can cope with it. A lot of hard work has to go into it. From the outside it does look like dancing about like some big nancy with some big ribbon but let me tell you it's more than that. You have the worry of your leotard riding up your arse halfway through, getting tired up in the ribbon and falling over & making sure you don't run so hard on the matting that you hurt your bare feet. The main thing the judges look for is the grace in which you present your dance. Spending as much time on your tip toes as you can is a plus. Jumping and doing the splits in mid-air is another that wins you points, but please remember to close them before you land or like me you will end up hurting your Jacobs. It was weeks before the bruising went and they went back to their right colour again.
Well I hope my guide has helped you in your search for games that are a little more fun than your average sports. Remember don't be afraid to try something different, and there is nothing wrong in playing girlie games. We all want to, it's just that only a few are brave enough.......

I've Been Matthew Perry
Thanks for reading