RAY: Hi and welcome to a special Football Focus, today focusing on the up and  coming Basingstoke Junior Cup final between White Hart LR FC & Sherfield Wednesday. We have our usual suspects from the Match of the Day team as well as a new comer Grant Watts, who will be out on the streets of Basingstoke and soaking up the final fever. But first let's get the views of our experts on how they see the chances of the two teams.
ALAN: Well Ray, I can see this being a very cagey affair. Both teams have been playing well of late. But for me The Hart are the team who just stand out. If you look at the team you can see there is quality all the way through. The attack is scoring, the midfield are creating, and the defence are solid. And if all that fails there is big Lee Martin ready to kick anyone who comes near him. If we look at this bit of film here you can see what I mean. The Bounty player has gone past 3 players but who is there to kick both the ball and the player into touch, big Lee Martin. If we look at it from another angle here we can see that the Bounty player is never gonna get up from that. Quality. 
MARK: I think what you also have to remember Ray is that he will take out his own players as well. And that is something you can't teach a player. But I think Alan picked up on a very good point about the midfield creating loads of chances of late. Geordie Steve for one is no longer hitting balls down the wing at 100 miles an hour, he's now hitting them harder, surly that can only make Andy Williams faster.
RAY: You mention Andy Williams there, it's interesting to see that he has yet to score this season. What do you think that is down to? An attacking player who just can't find the net. Could this be down to bad luck or is he just shit in front of goal?
ALAN: Well Ray if you have a look at the chances he has had you could say they have been very limited. Maybe he is more a provider than a scorer. You only have to look at the amount of one on one's he has set up this season.
RAY: But shouldn't he be getting his fair share?
ALAN: Yeah but what do you expect, he's shit in front of goal.
MARK: I think what you also have to remember Ray is that goal's are coming from other area's of the pitch. Even Liam Nicholson has chipped in with a couple. It's almost total football out there. And in that Orange Kit it could almost be like watching Holland.
RAY: So what about the rest of the team? Is there a weakness in this Hart team?
ALAN: Well if there is, there has yet to be a team to find it in the cup. You can start at the back and see that with a keeper like Dean Smith your gonna be hard to beat. Toby Pullen has longer legs than streach Armstrong.
MARK: Hey I had one of them.
ALAN: Shut up Lawrenson I'm talking, Lee Martin as we have said will maime anyone who dare get through. Craig Flockton when not up front will clear up any danger. Nick Khanna still likes to show off his twinkle toes, and I'll tell ya what don't ever owe that man money. You know that film The Kray's, that was based on him I'm tellin ya.
RAY: What about the midfield Mark?
MARK: Well I tell ya what Ray I have not seen a better one this season. You only have to look at the middle. You have Geordie Steve running things there. Well when he is not arguing with Liam Nicholson. Our new mate Grant Watts has got back into the team. And you have the evil barman Jason making up the three. And may I just say that I can't believe what he is doing to Harry Race.
ALAN: But a man you can't forget is of course the Captain. Liam Williams. Total style, perfection and quality.
MARK: Yeah I think few would argue that he is a great player.
ALAN: Lawrenson will you just shut up, I'm on about his hair. How many hair styles has this man had in his 5 years at the club. Other players can only dream of that amount. This player has entertained us with them all,  long hair, short hair, bleached hair, permed hair. We have a clip of him here with the perm. You can see him on the ball here. Look at that, the whole perm moves as one as he runs. Quality. And as for those sideburns. Unbelievable.
RAY: Well I don't think anyone could argue with that. Gentlemen for the time being thank you. Well Grant Watts not only plays in the Heart of the Hart's midfield but he is also a big showbiz colunmist so we have sent him down to the streets of Basingstoke to give us some feed back on what the feeling is on the up and coming Cup Final.
Grant can you hear us?
GRANT: Hi Ray, well here I am on the streets of Basingstoke and already you can feel the cup fever. The biggest game in the town so far this season and the public seem to be counting down the days. I have with me here a lovely young lady, what are your thoughts on the game on sunday?
BIRD: What game? Don't tell me there is yet more football on TV. Christ sake that is all we seem to have on in our house.
GRANT: No this is the Basingstoke Junior cup final.
BIRD: I don't care with it is I can't stand football. Still it keeps my bloke out the house.
GRANT: Well I will be playing, I'm quite good as it goes. And once you have seen me in shorts you will never miss a game again.
BIRD: Is that so, can't say you have convinced me. Are there any famous players playing? What about that Giggs? Oh god he is so nice. Bit of a let down when he took of his shirt in the '99 cup semi final, more hair on that chest than a chimp. Still would keep me warm in the winter wouldn't it.
GRANT: Yeah well I'm as good as him, if not better. If we were to ever come face to face on the pitch there would only be one winner. 50-50 with me and we would see who the real man was. Plus I am much better looking than him.
BIRD: You what, in your dreams chunky.
GRANT: Look you gonna be watching this game or not?
GRANT: Well piss off and stop wasting my time then, snotty nosed tart. No wonder your bloke spends all his time watching Football. Your face is enough to turn milk sour. Ah sod ya.
Well Ray as you can see Cup Fever has clearly brought a smile to this rain sodden town. Apart from some but you can't account for some peoples tastes can you.
RAY: Ah right, well thanks Grant, Um not sure if that worked or not.
ALAN: Well the boy went about it all in the wrong way. His build up was good, he fed her the right lines but when it came to finishing he was never gonna score. If we have another look at it you can see that when he goes for the kill he is unconvincing. He was too defensive from the start, as I have said before the best form of defence is attack and we didn't see any of that.
MARK: I have to say I disagree there Alan.
ALAN: Jesus Christ Lawrenson. What have I told you. I am speaking so shut the f*** up.
MARK: Alan all I am saying is that approach would never work.
ALAN: Well it worked on your missus last night while you were at your Trainspotting convention.
RAY: Ah ok Lads, well I think we better finish off there. Your final thoughts and predictions please.
ALAN: Well as we have said The Hart are strong at the moment and are the team in form. We can't find a weakness in the team, everywhere you look there is quality. 5-0 To Sherfield Wednesday.
MARK: Yeah I would have to say I go along with that Ray.
RAY: Well it seems our boys agree on one thing at least. Thank you to Alan and Mark and of course Grant on the streets of Basingstoke. You can catch all of the action as it happens live on BBC ONE. The programme starts at 2:00pm with kick off at 3:00pm. You can also hear live commentry on Radio FIVE LIVE. We hope to see you there.