England dispite being written off have got out of the group of death. Now only Denmark stand in the way of a quarter final against either Brazil or Belguim.....after that who knows.

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It is all getting very exciting now we are into the knock out stages of the World Cup, and dispite the disaster that was supposed to be my World Cup breakfast BBQ I was not going to let things ruin it for me. Still no sign of mum and dad's return from their holiday. Knowing my luck so far this summer they have gone over to Spain to see me.
I decided that for the game against Denmark, if you couldn't beat them join them. So I went out to buy a ticket for one of the pubs. As there was still no word from any of my mates I didn't have a clue what boozer they were watching the games in, but expecting England to win I wasn't to worried as I would still have time to meet up with them for an England game.
Most of the pubs were already sold out, and the others I remembered from round here were boarded up. But I did find one, it looked a bit rough but it was that or watch it at home on my own again and that was becoming very depressing.
Went in and the landlord told me the tickets were 10 each, seemed a bit over the top but I was running out of pubs to try so I brought one. I suppose everyone coins in on the World Cup these days. Is it any longer about the football? Still I had my ticket for tomorrows game and went back home. Grabbed a couple of papers on the way back to catch up with the football stories. Sorted myself out something to eat and flicked through the papers. I was kind of hoping to find that maybe and English club would be coming in for me this summer, but all I could find was a story about Madrid offering me around loads of clubs for free and no one being interested. I suppose everyone is waiting for the WC to finish first.
Just as long as Spurs don't come in for me. Would be nice if Liverpool came back in for me, all I have read for the last few days is about how they need someone to play wide left or right. Maybe I should give them a call?

Got up nice and early today, always seems such a long wait until the next England game doesn't it, but it's only been days. Still plenty of those Bacon Sandwiches left over so had one of them. I think they are going off a bit now mind, a few had green on the corners.
Set off for the pub and got there a good 30 mins before kick off. It wasn't too full in there but there seemed to be a good atmosphere building up. I asked the barmaid where all the tables and chairs were and she told me that they had all got smashed up after the lasy England game. I don't know, us scousers get a bit carried away sometimes. Still I got my place close to the big screen and got myself ready for the game. Ended up having to drink Toby Bitter as it was the only bitter they had. And it was that or Kestrel Larger. The game got under way and before any of us had time to settle down England had scored. Looked like an own goal by the keeper to me, but who cared. The game then got even better and better with the Danish looking like they had lost the plot early on and it was 3-0 by half time. The pub was by now very loud and there ws lots of singing. There was quite a bit of pushing and shoving but nothing nasty, even a window was broken but everyone seemed to take it in good heart. The second half wasn't as good as the first with England sitting right back, but the job was done.
At the final whistle everyone went mad and there was more singing. I was getting soaked in beer but it was better than sitting at home on my own. I decided to stay and enjoy the win for a bit. I got talking to this bloke who looked in his mid thirties about football. He was saying how well England had played and how Sinclair was the answer to all the problems down that left hand side. It wasn't long before I as going into one about how I could have done a better job and how I should have been there insead. In reply the bloke asked who the hell I thought I was then. When I told him I was Steve McManaman he just sat there and laughed.
"are you still fucking playing then?" I suppose it must have been the beer talking but I totally lost it with him and offered him out there and then. The next thing I knew I woke up in hospital. Apparantly I had been beaten up and chucked out the window. No serious harm was done other than loads of bruises so I went home. Thank god I had the Brazil game to look forward to.