Due to depression I was very late in sending The Ginge my last few entries, but I have got them to him now, so here we go again. At least you get to re live the highs and lows of the World cup again dispite it being over........
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Decided that I had two options the other day. I could either try and enjoy this World Cup or sulk about not being there. Everything so far had gone wrong but at least I was home and that was kind of a comfort. England were just a point away from getting out of th group of death and dispite it hurting that I was not there with them I wanted the lads to get through. All the pubs here in Liverpool were doing the opening up for Breakfast so that everyone could come and watch the games while having a pint, but most were making you buy tickets before the day. So I decided to start living a little and making the most out of this month before I would have to go back to Spain and start pre-season training. So I thought it would be a great idea to do a Breakfast BBQ for the England - Nigeria game for me and my mates. I had not had the chance to see any of them yet since I had got back, there was never an answer at their doors when I knocked anyway. This BBQ  would be a great laugh. So I wrote out loads of invites to all the old gang, they were always
up for a good nosh and piss up. None of them had jobs so getting time off work wasn't going to be a problem to any of them either.
Went off to Safeway to get loads of grub and beer in. It was so good to be able to go shopping as well and have no one come up to you wanting you to sign this and that. That is the good thing about round here, they just let you get on with your life, everyone just acted as if they didn't have a clue who I was. Real salt of the earth people round here, made me feel really home sick actually.
The food and beer was brough and I was really looking forward to getting everyone round and finally relaxing and having a good laugh.
Got up really early on the morning of the game so I could have the BBQ going for when everyone got here. I had been up pretty much all night cleaning the BBQ, dad always leaves it out side and it had got far to rusty to be able to cook on it. I had told everyone to get round for 7:00 onwards, so I had the first lot of bacon on the grills dead on 7:00. First come first serve for the bacon sandwiches. I had the TV on in the kitchen which I could see from the garden, and took in all the starting line ups. Still no start for Robbie, and Sinclair was again
started on the left, made my heart sink a bit, but I put it to the back of my head. It wasn't long before it was time for kick off and still no one had come round. They are a lazy bunch but I would have thought they would have all been up well in time for the game. The bacon sandwiches were piling up and the sausages were starting to get burnt. The game kicked off and Nigeria looked like they might want to cause a few problems, but my mate Scholes soon started kicking them all and they calmed down. Got to half time without any score and a very boring game it has to be said, but then a knock at the door. At last time for some serious drinking and messing about. Got to the door and it was the Postman. He had a parcel for next door who were out, so I signed for it and went back indoors. What was going on, it wasn't like none of them had not got the invites as I had put them through their doors myself.
The game finished with no goals, we were through but it had been boring, and I was left
with a pile of bacon sandwiches and burnt sausages all keeping warm in the oven. Well there was no point wasting all of it, so decided to have a few of the bacon sandwiches while watching the next game on the TV. But just when the day couldn't get any worse, no tomato ketchup in the house anywhere. This summer really was turning into the worsed ever. So much for being home. God knows when my mum and dad were going to be back from their holiday. Still it was possible that my mates were otherwise taken, after all I had not had the chance to actually speak to them. And with England through there would be other chances to meet up and talk about old times................
England made it out if the group of death and would now have to play Denmark. Argentina failed to beat Sweden and went out, dispite not being there the revenge was sweet from the last World Cup. With all the big guns slowly falling was this England's best chance?